Over the weekend, I watched a documentary on Netflix. On Princess Diana. The documentary consisted of secret interviews with the Princess. Her voice, her story. I sat there stunned as she had prophesied over her life at age 13. She told her father that she would marry someone in the public eye. She went on to say she kept herself tidy knowing that someone was coming for her. She didn’t date like her friends. Her childhood was not a happy one ( her words). Her mother cried often and her father harsh in all his ways. When she met Prince Charles, she longed for a husband that would essentially be like the father she desired, safe, secure. This would not be the case for the shy, introverted and soon to be People’s Princess. As the engagement unfolded, she became quite aware of his affections for another. “One day you will be Queen.” Charles stated. But a voice inside told her, You will not be Queen but will travel a tough road.” According to Diana, her wedding day felt like she was being led to the slaughter. There was no backing out as her face was now on tea towels all around Europe. Diana had no footing, no foundation for what lied ahead. She was hunted and prodded like a wild animal. She was left on her own to navigate such a hefty role and her husband was dismissive and uncaring. Diana spiraled for years, unsuccessfully attempting to take her own life five times and then something shifted for her. She could continue to live in misery or rise to the occasion. Though in a loveless marriage, she forged ahead and began putting her time and resources into helping others. Diana was a pioneer in compassion towards the unwanted, the uncared for and the left behind. Her light started to shine so brightly that the people became more interested in her than her husband. The world devastated when she would ultimately be hunted to death. Irony? I don’t think so.

I thought about an all knowing God. God knows all of our days. He knew who are family would be, who we’d marry, how many children we would have, the number of tears we would shed, what we were purposed for. There is a bible verse that stands out when I think about Diana’s life. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
God predestined her for greatness and with this greatness, there would be sorrow and despair and ultimately tragedy. Yet, he knew Diana would take her stance and rise.

What is holding you back from such a time as this? If you think there won’t be opposition you are denying yourself the potential that God has given to you. It’s all right there inside of you. He already knows the outcome so ask Him to strengthen you because you were made with a purpose. Throw off all that hinders and like God said, “I, the Lord will make it happen when the time is right.” Nothing or no one will thwart the plans of God. If it’s not you, He will use someone else for such a time as this.

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