The wait is over, your time has come. The dry season is ending, spring is here. Look, don’t you see the rain over the horizon? Just a few more steps up that mountain. Your miracle is there, go ahead and take hold of it. Was it a dream? A broken relationship? Whatever that thing is that you’ve been hoping for to be restored is about to flourish. I know there’s been tears, crying out, thoughts of hopelessness but I can assure you something was growing far beneath the surface. Do you remember the seeds you planted in the dry ground? Some you had to physically dig up and replace but you did it. The valley was dark, you couldn’t see light like a bird without a song. You thought will I ever get out of this place? You were cold, afraid and felt alone. I can assure you, you were not alone, not for one second.  There were things you needed to lay down and there were things you needed to pick up ; securely place within your soul. Everything you needed was already there, you just lost your way for a little while. Who has the say in your life? Of whom do you belong? Ah yes you know! Now things can come to pass. It took grit, it took virtue but you did it! Now turn around and pull up your brother and sister who needs your hand, your testimony so they too can one day very soon stand on top of their mountain and shout MOVE

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