You Can Sit With Us

I will never be alone, trying to figure things out for myself. 

I have someone who speaks gentle and kinds words over my life. He guides me through each day.

He gives freely without expectations or demands. He knows my heart and what hurts me and justice is only His.

I am living with someone who thinks I am lovely, special and who patiently shows me how to do the things that I seem to be incapable of doing.

He empowers me to use the gifts, the dreams He so graciously gave to me.

He sits with me when I feel hopeless, whispering “My plan is good.” “I have the course set, just follow My beloved.”

He is my knight and shining armor who cares for me and walks with me. He does not walk ahead or lag behind. He doesn’t keep secrets from me or try and harm me.

He fills me up with purity, cleansing me daily. He shows me His ways are everlasting life.

I sit in His lap when I feel tired or scared. He comforts me like no other. I can take a sigh of relief knowing the power He holds

I am no longer afraid to dream big for am I His chosen one. When all was lost, He showed me my true identity. I am royalty.

 His wisdom runs deeper than any ocean so I look to Him.

He is honest and loyal.

And loves me beyond measure

I now live from above and not below.

For I am not alone

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