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You probably already know
that there are many specific yoga breathing techniques — and you may have
noticed that I did not give you a specific instruction for how to breath.  I just said, Keep Breathing!  


Well, that actually is the first instruction. 


Sit quietly with your spine
tall.  Close your eyes and place
your attention on the movement of your breath, as it goes in and goes out.  Breathe in and out through your nose,
not your mouth.


Notice the parts of your body
where it is easy to feel the flow of the breath and other parts where you can’t
feel it at all.  Whatever you
notice is perfectly fine.  This is
basic breath awareness and you can do it anywhere, for as long or as short as
you like.  I do it on the subway
and airplanes, while waiting for the dentist or when I feel out of sorts and
out of balance.


I call this technique Taking
Refuge in Your Breath.


Using the breath a focal
point for the mind is a good because it is:


1. always available

2.  portable

3.  the invisible bridge that connects mind and body


More breathing techniques are
coming but start with this. 


Try practicing Taking Refuge
in Your Breath whenever you can remember and just notice how you feel.  Does you feel a mental, emotional or
physical shift?  All of the above?  Anything?  Nothing?  

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