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Nico, Ferret, Baby, Animal

When I speak of my faithful  companion and her lovable antics, the first thing always asked is,  “Is she  a cat or dog?’ 

 ” Neither” is always my response, “It’s a small ferret.”  Over the years this has prompted interesting questions, confusion, and curiosity from  the other animal lovers out there.

Ferret, Nico, Animal

My ferret, known as “Nico” became part of my family almost seven years ago. The first years  as a new ferret owner, were full of surprises, laughter, and wonderful chaos.  

Ferret, Animal

In those days,  she was always on a mission, climbing in the closet, stealing doughnuts, going wherever I went, my faithful companion. I learned very quickly that  everything must be locked, zipped, or it was no longer mine.

Many years and two surgeries later she is content to sleep most of the hours away, tucked under a fleece blanket  with her  fan softly blowing in the corner. Caring for an elderly pet is a lesson in patience, serenity, and love.
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