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“You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.”

(Quote From Everyday Wisdom by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

How true is this? 

Many times, it’s easy to get stuck in routines, the day to day, the mundane, the easy.

To keep things fresh and interesting, I try to add in something new or inspirational every week.

Here are a few examples:

-I’m left handed so sometimes I use my right hand for simple tasks. This challenges my brain and fine motor skills.

-I drive a different road to work or I walk a different street home.

-In each meal I put in something unexpected, such as a piece of chocolate in a salad or a sprinkle of coconut over my stir-fry. I have unique food tastes so this may not work for everyone!

– Instead of my usual genre of music or type of book, I try something completely new. Sometimes I like the change other times I dislike it, either way I’ve broadened my knowledge.

How do you mix up your days and challenge yourself?

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