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Are you excited about this new year, or are you dreading it? Think for a few minutes what things excite you about this new year. look at all the promises 2019 brings. Time flies every day. So, make the most of each day. Tell people that you love them. Be a friend to someone that needs it. Help others out, even if it doesn’t benefit you. Give thanks for the people you have in your life and for the new opportunities you’re given every day. Remember, it’s God who wakes you up every day.

You have the choice to stress about each new day or to embrace each new day. He didn’t even have to wake you up in the morning. When He wakes you up every morning, remember that it’s a new opportunity to work on improving yourself. The challenges that lie ahead of you this year are opportunities to prove to yourself that you can get through them. With God at your side, there is nothing you can’t get through. Never be afraid to ask Him to guide your path and to ask for His help. He cares so much about you and wants you to turn to Him whenever you feel lost or afraid or uncertain. You’re given this new year of your life because He is not finished with you yet.

That’s right, every new day means that God is working out His plan for your life. Even in the midst of struggles, God is still working in your life. Give thanks for that! Give thanks that He still has plans for your life. His plans for your life are better than anything you could ever plan for yourself. When things start falling into place for you, it isn’t just because of a bunch of coincidences, it’s by the grace of God. Maybe you’ll get a new job, or a promotion at your job. That’s because of God. Maybe you or your family member will be cured of a life-threatening illness. That’s God too. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t expect to make it out alive, yet you do survive, God, spared you for His reason. That’s called divine intervention.

If you’ve prayed for a renewed friendship or relationship with one of your family members or even one of your co-workers, if God sees it as His will, He will help you restore that relationship. Now, remember, it says if it is His will. God won’t allow something to happen if it doesn’t benefit you. Also, if He thinks taking someone or something out of your life will benefit you more than having them stay in your life, He will remove them too. It will be hard to understand, but in time you will realize that it’s for the best. One day God might even eventually give you the answers as to why He removed that person or thing from your life.

I remember asking Him why He took a particular friend away from me, and He eventually gave me a clear as day answer that I wouldn’t be able to handle what that person was going through and He was protecting my heart from more pain. Of course, it took me a long time to get that answer from Him. Yes, I’m talking many years, not weeks or months. It was a hard answer to accept from God, but He helped me stay strong and reminded me that even though that person isn’t in my life anymore, I could still pray for them.

There’s nothing wrong with praying for a relationship to be restored in this new year. There;’s nothing wrong with praying about a new job to come your way. The important thing is to keep the faith even in the midst of hardships in 2019. Remember, whatever God brings you, to, He will also bring you through. Also, another important thing to remember is to believe that you will receive the things that you’re praying for. You’re allowed to have doubts in life, but don’t just pray for something and then just think, “well, that was a wasted prayer. I won’t get that job or have a friendship with someone.” If you don’t believe in yourself, it shuts the door of faith every time you allow Satan to put the doubts that your prayers just won’t work out. You have to keep believing that you will receive what you prayed for.

Remember no matter what happens on a day-to-day basis, God will always make a new way out of any situation. He can and will always make a way when there seems to be no way. While you are waiting to see where your life will go, you can also take appropriate actions to help stay on the right course. You can develop an even more personal relationship with God.

Call on Him daily through prayer and petition. Ask for His guidance through every aspect of your day. When life gives you a tough situation, ask Him to help you turn that tough experience into a lesson in which He strengthens you. Remember, God often gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. Life may not be easy, but God can help this new year be the best year of your life. Give thanks in all circumstances. They can help teach you lessons that you never thought you needed to learn. 2019 is a new year for new thanks every day.


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