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Isn’t it an amazing feeling to forgive someone for something they did wrong? Isn’t it an even more amazing feeling to be brave enough to ask someone for forgiveness for doing something wrong to them? If they forgive you and you forgive them, then you start to feel free and lighter in your step. You start to forget what happened in the past between the two of you and begin to concentrate on the future ahead.

Being able to forgive someone means that you will start to feel God’s peace in your heart about the situation that happened between the two of you, instead of feeling that desire to always be angry with the person. It is sometimes hard to let things go, but, there is also that Bible verse that tells you to never go to bed angry. Ephesians 4:26 NIV. You should always try to resolve conflicts as quickly as you can, so nothing gets worse between you and the people you love.

Ask for Forgiveness

One of the hardest things to do is be around someone when you haven’t forgiven them, or when you haven’t asked them for forgiveness yet. It makes the tension palpable, and both of you are more likely to stare at each other in angry silence, instead of working things out.  It can be a tough situation when neither person wants to be the first to forgive or even be the first to talk to one another and try to resolve the conflict.

It is and can be intimidating, not to mention a difficult thing to ask for forgiveness, when you know you are in the wrong. You might be scared of what the other person might say or do to you when you bring up the situation that caused harm to the friendship or relationship. That is normal, though.  It can be even more painful and tougher to figure out how to say the right words, too. The nervous feeling of asking for forgiveness does not entirely go away, but it can push you to be brave enough to make the right decision. After you are forgiven, though, your nerves relax, and things can begin to slowly return to normal between you and the other person, though, in most cases.

Don’t Bring Up the Past

Satan can always have that power over you to keep you angry about something that happened in the past if you choose to let him. He can get under your skin and get you mad about something that happened between you and a friend yesterday, a week ago, or, a few years ago. It is all to his benefit and your misery. Seeing you miserable makes Satan smile and makes him happy. He loves to see God’s children hang on to things that they should let go of.

He enjoys seeing God’s children bring up past grievances against one another in acts of callous revenge. In fact, He often puts the idea to point fingers at one another into your head. Then the angry words from the past not only fill your heart, they then spill into your mind and eventually out of your mouth. Remember, once something is said, it can’t be taken back. All you can do is be the one who asks for forgiveness. Satan wants you to never forget what was done to you, while God wants you to forgive and forget the past and then even further still, God wants you to stop talking about it after forgiveness has been achieved by both parties.

Bring Peace to Relationships

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 NIV

Letting go of what is gone and being able to move on from things that used to bother you can lift so much off your mind and your shoulders. You will feel more relaxed and at ease. You will also be able to face the person again without thinking of the past. God can help you forget the past and to enjoy the other person’s presence in your life again. It may take time, but if it is His will, it will happen.

Forgiveness brings peace. Forgiveness isn’t just about being the bigger person. It is also about finding the strength to let go of what is done and leave it behind. It is about seeking and finding His peace, as well as bringing His peace and restoration to our relationships. Allow Him to work His ways.


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