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Life isn’t perfect but it’s full of perfect moments. Embrace each perfect moment and look for the perfect moments in your everyday life. Be grateful for your blessings instead of looking at every trial as a curse. Any trial can help strengthen you if you choose to let it. It can either strengthen you or destroy you. The choice is yours.

Let Trials Strengthen You
Letting your trials strengthen you isn’t something that you just learn overnight. It takes much time, practice, and much discipline. It is common to let your trials drag you down and wallow in them instead of allowing them to teach you much-needed lessons.

Think about the last trial you faced. What did you learn from it? Did you gain knowledge and a better perspective on how to be a better person, better husband or wife? Did you learn something new about yourself that you never expected to learn?

Maybe the lesson was to let each trial mold you into a better person, to try harder in life or to let the little things go. Maybe your lesson was to spend more time on the things that really matter or to spend time with the people that really matter such as your true family and friends.

Your lesson could also be that you need to get to know people and especially God in your life or to spend more time with God more.  God could be trying to get your attention. Keep in mind each lesson you learned from each trial in order to remember how much you have grown.

Don’t Let Trials Destroy You
When you give in to the bad circumstances that happen in your life you are giving them control over your life and your mindset might be fogged a lot or, it could even be ruined for any given time. You don’t want to give your trials power over your physical and mental not to mention emotional well-being, do you?

You have to remember and remind yourself that only you can change how you feel during trials and tribulations. No one else can change your thinking other than you. You can control your mind even more than you ever thought possible. You don’t have to let any of your trials destroy you or your mindset. You have to choose to think positive even in the midst of hard times.

God Could Be Getting Your Attention
He could be inspiring you to know Him more through trials and to turn your trials over to him to have some peace that you are desperately needing. He could also be telling you to lean on Him more even though you feel as though you absolutely have to try and make it at this life on your own steam.

Remember, He was the one who gave you the breath in your lungs in order to support this life so He can also help you through any trials if you choose to let Him take them off your back. God will gladly carry your trials for you if you lay them at the foot of the cross each and every time they come upon you.

Doesn’t it always feel better to lay things at the foot of the cross and let them down there and to actually keep them there? Whenever you lay your worries down at the foot of the cross you release everything that has been holding you back. In return you get peace restored into your heart, soul, body and your mind. You also get time to heal from whatever emotions that are plaguing you.

If you choose to allow Him to, He will replace every negative thing in your life with His plan in your life. Who doesn’t want peace instead of anxiety and fear? With God, anything is possible and you can have the peace that you deserve in your life.

Embrace Each Moment
Each new day brings new challenges and new memories to be made instead of dreading each new day, you can embrace each new challenge and try to make the best of it. Remember life isn’t always beautiful but it is a beautiful ride. Life isn’t always perfect but it is full of perfect moments. Cherish each perfect memory that you made with your family and friends.

Find the beauty among the ashes and give God the glory He deserves in the midst of hard times. When you do that, it’ll be even easier to thank Him for the lessons He is teaching you.

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