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You can do whatever you want to do. The question is, “How big is your ‘want to’?” Think about something that You have always wanted to do, whether it’s breaking an addiction such as smoking, going back to school, switching jobs, or even something as simple as spending more time with your family. It can even be as exhilarating as picking up a new sport such as base jumping or skydiving.  You can do whatever you set your mind to.
Break That Addiction
Whether it is an addiction to cigarettes, swearing, or hard drugs or painkillers or even lying to people, you can break that addiction if you really want to. You have to be willing to put the time and effort and the discipline into quitting the addiction. No one has to ever face any addiction alone though. Turn to your most trusted friends and family members for support. Let them be your support system. Listen to them when they tell you that you can beat the addiction. Ask God to be with you as you battle. He is the most important member of your support system. Beating any addiction also changes your perspective on things you thought you were incapable of doing. It helps you realize how in control you actually are.


The Power of Forgiveness
You can forgive that person that hurt you. Whether they hurt you with their words or with their actions, you don’t have to hate them for the rest of your life. Holding grudges against someone like that only makes your life harder and it makes you a person that others don’t want to be around. Forgiveness not only brings you peace of mind. It also gives you a chance to see a change of heart within yourself. Once you forgive someone you start to feel calmer and freer, don’t you? Who wouldn’t want to release built up and pent-up anger towards someone and say that you forgive the person that wronged you? Even if they don’t give you an apology, forgive them anyhow. It is better to forgive and forget than to hold on to things that cause pain.
Marriage is Hard but God is Good
Are you going through rough patches in your marriage right now? You can make that marriage work. How, might you ask? All you have to do is take it to the Lord in prayer. If you pray in earnest with your full heart about your marriage and ask God for guidance in it, He will give you that guidance. It isn’t about always asking Him for the things that you want out of your marriage though.

It is about asking Him to show you what He wants in your relationship. Ask Him to reveal His plans for your marriage and ask Him to take over every aspect of it, meaning financial, arguments, cleaning the house and the car, your love life, spend quality time in prayer about your marriage and see how God can help change it from a feeling of dread or failing, to a spirit of love that you both once knew way back when.

God has worked miracles and can work miracles in your marriage too. Don’t give up on your partner just because of a rough patch, whether it is financially or in any other form of hardships.   Don’t ever be afraid to pray for your spouse and your relationship. There is no shame or harm in it. In fact, prayer can never harm you. It can only help you. Prayer can never harm anyone else either, so don’t be afraid to bring any and all of your concerns about your marriage to God.

Remember, marriage is hard work, any way you look at it. But, God is good. He is the one who ordained marriage as a sacred covenant between you your partner and Him. You took vows to be with someone in sickness and in health, you can continue to keep those vows if you ask God for help. How much do you want your marriage to succeed and work?
You Can Get Well

If you have been feeling sick in any way, remember you can get well. God is the God of healing and He makes all things new. Look at all the stories of healing in the Bible. He healed the blind man, the deaf and the lame. He has healed people from cancer and saved them from a life of addiction. God is the God of miracles and wonder. How much do you want to get well? How hard are you willing to work to get well? If it is God’s will, then He will heal you, but you have to work at it as well.

You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

You can accomplish your dreams if you want to bad enough. Your will is one of the most powerful things you have. Believing that you have the inner strength and the willpower to do things that you need to do in Jesus’ name instead of relying on your own inner strength, will only help you in the long run. Relying on God’s strength means that you will get to your goals in a calmer manner than if you were to try and do everything with your own power. How hard are you willing to work to accomplish your goals?

The biggest question is how big are all of you “I want to’s” in your mind, soul and heart? Your “I want to’s”  should be more than just desires in your heart. They should push you towards your goals and put fire and the drive in your soul t accomplish anything.

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