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Bible time

No one in your life will ever do for you what Christ has. No one will love you as much as He. Because no one knows you as well as He does. Therefore, His love is what you long for. The reason is that He is the only one who can complete you. His love completes you. He makes you whole. He uplifts your spirits when you need it the most. He fills your heart, soul, and mind with peace when you feel overwhelmed.
No one on earth will ever tell you the truth that fills your soul, other than Christ. No child will love you more. No parent can love as much as He did. It’s not that He died for your love, it’s that He gave us a way to rise above death. That’s where His Glory fulfilled you. That’s why you need to be grateful. That’s why you need to want how to love as He does! It may not always be easy but it is possible. No matter how much love you don’t receive from your significant other, or your friends or your family members, or anyone in your life, you can and will always receive love and you will always be loved completely by God.

His love isn’t just a one time and that is it kind of love. His love doesn’t quit or give up when times get rough. Oh no, His love never stops and it also never fails. Instead of saying “no because of what you are going through I don’t want to deal with you anymore” (which He so easily could have), He turned and ran towards you whenever you need Him. He runs toward you with His arms stretched out and wants to help you through everything in life.

God wants to give you everything you could ever want in life. Think of everything you desire. Think of everything you have been missing out in life. Do you desire Gods presence in your life? You can have God in your life just by asking Him into your heart again. He is always willing to accept you, no matter what you may be going through.

No matter who loves you in life no one’s love can ever even come close to the level of God’s love. No one on Earth can ever love the way God does. Nothing is better than the truth that God has given to you. No one’s promises can ever come close to the promises that God has given you. Jesus promised to give his life for you and wants you to remember that you are saved by His grace and through faith.

Nothing will ever be impossible with God.  You can want to love as he does because if we love the way he does it will change our lives. We have to want to love the way He does though. If we won’t or don’t want to love, we will miss out on so much in life. If we don’t love the way he does we aren’t doing it correctly. Loving the way, He loves is tough and it takes practice and discipline. No one is perfect so it makes it even more difficult to try to love everyone. But all we can do is try our hardest.

As long as we try to love then we are making a difference in our lives as well as the lives of other people as well. We don’t have to put pressure on ourselves to be perfect at all. He is already perfect, so He already fits the bill. Don’t even worry if you don’t have it all figured out as to how to love each person in your life. It doesn’t matter how you love them as long as you love them.

Do you want to feel happy in your life? You don’t have to miss out on any of those things and more. Do you miss having the joy in your life? Do you miss waking up with a sense of purpose? God will grant those to you. All you have to do is ask. He will give you the desire in your heart if you pray with consistency and if it is God’s will. If it is His will it will happen.

Even if loving certain people is hard for you, ask him to cover you with his peace about it. Ask for discernment as to how to love the difficult people in your life. We are all difficult at one point or another. If Jesus can love all of us, then how can we do anything less for one another? No matter who we are, no matter what we have done, Jesus loves us. Loving others isn’t always meant to be easy. But with God, it is possible.






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