Who wouldn’t be amazed by God and the awesome things He can do for you and with you and through you? He gave Jesus to die on the cross for you because He loved you that much. He sacrificed His one and only son to die for you so that you can have eternal life.

“And they were surprised at His teaching because His message was given with authority and power and great ability.” -Luke 4:32

The Uncertainty of Peter,  Moses, and Jonah

Think about all the amazing stories of God helping His people in the Bible.  If He can help Peter walk on water and strengthen his faith, He can surely work through you. If He can tell Moses to go back to Egypt and help him persuade Pharaoh to let His people go,  and then have Moses turn the water in the Nile into blood, and part the way for the Israelites in the Red Sea, God surely has a plan for your life. If He can help Jonah overcome his fear of going to Nineveh to tell the people to repent of their sins, God has a great plan for your life. If He can use Esther to save her people from death, He can surely use your life.

God Told Abraham to Trust Him

If He can tell Abraham to trust in Him even when He told him to sacrifice His only son Isaac, He will surely tell you what to do in your life. If He came to Joseph multiple times in a dream when he doubted that Mary had become pregnant through immaculate conception, and another time when they were in Bethlehem telling Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt so Herod wouldn’t kill them all, He can teach you and guide you to do the right things in your life.

God Blessed Mary and Elizabeth

If He can deliver the news that both Mary and Elizabeth were to have children blessed beyond measure, He will surely answer your prayers and give you the desires of your heart if they are His will.  If He came to Joseph, son of Jacob, in multiple dreams that He eventually helped come true or come to light, He will help you to know Him and His word better.

God Forgave Adam and Eve

If He can forgive Adam and Eve for sinning against Him, He will surely forgive you of your sins. If He can forgive David for killing Uriah and for taking Bathsheba as his own wife, He will surely forgive you and can change your heart and life. If He can forgive Cain for killing Abel, He can forgive you. If He can forgive Saul for murdering hundreds of his followers and make him one of the greatest missionaries of His words of truth, He can certainly change you to work for His kingdom.

God Also Forgave Moses

If He can forgive Moses for killing the soldier in front of the Israelites while trying to save another Israelite from being whipped, He can teach you the right way to talk, think and how to act when your emotions are overwhelming you. If He can forgive Peter for denying Him three times before the rooster crowed, He can forgive you. If He can forgive Thomas and show Thomas the truth about who He is, He will forgive you and show you who He truly is and who He wants to be in your life, not to mention in your heart.

God Changed Saul’s Heart

If He can change Saul’s heart and change his heart from being the one who persecuted and killed God’s children, to one who preached to God’s children, He can change your attitude and others attitude towards Him. If He can give David the courage to fight Goliath the giant, He will surely give you the courage to face any giant in your life.

Find Courage

God will give you the courage to do whatever He wants you to do in your life and with your life. If He can help so many others change their hearts He can help change your views. He can help you believe in yourself and help you reach others with His word and the truth of His love. We can be continually amazed by Him and His word and by His goodness and His love. There are so many other ways we can be continually amazed by Him.

Nothing Ordinary About God

God is so great that we can be continually amazed by Him! There is nothing ordinary about who He is or what He can accomplish in you and through you. Never think He can’t or that He won’t do anything for you or through you in your life. Remember all the people He helped make a difference for in His kingdom. He will surely help you realize your full potential.  Take a moment to be amazed!

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