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Unbelief and rejection break God’s heart because He knows the consequences. But when the door of the human heart is shut, He refuses to enter forcibly. He will only knock, wanting to gain entry to our hearts. He has given us the ability to choose. It is an amazing yet scary thing to know that we can either choose the right way and the pathway to eternal life one day in Heaven because we believe in Him or we can choose eternal life in Hell just because we choose not to believe in God. But when we choose the wrong thing, He knows the repercussions that will follow, in this life and the one to come.

If we don’t believe in Him on Earth we miss our “golden ticket” if you will, to go to Heaven. The “golden ticket” is salvation. God offers all of us salvation freely through His son Jesus Christ. If we choose not to believe we will miss the blessings He freely gives us through prayer and communication with Him, as well as the opportunity to have fellowship with other believers. We will have more trials and tribulations in this life if we don’t know Christ, because the peace that He so freely bestows on all of us, won’t be within our hearts. His peace transcends all human understanding.

Why choose not to believe when the consequences of that decision is an eternity in Hell? Why choose eternal suffering when we can have eternal life and no suffering? It is ok to doubt while still being a believer. It is ok to question things and why things happen in our lives. God never ever said we were supposed to have all the answers to every little thing while walking through this life.  We aren’t supposed to know everything or why everything happens.

It breaks God’s heart to know that some people will choose to believe in Him and His son while others will not believe in Him and His Son. He wants everyone to believe in Him but won’t ever force anyone to believe. To just know that He allows us to choose between the two things that can change our lives forever while we’re still on Earth definitely should make us think harder about which of the two options look more appealing to us.

Have you felt the tug of Jesus on your heart? Have you longed for peace that others seem to have in their lives because of Him? Have you felt His spirit knocking on your door? Have you closed the door to your heart from Him, because you’re afraid of letting Him have a good look at you? Are you afraid of what He might think of you? Are you blinded by the lies that Satan has told you for your lifetime? The lies that you may have heard are such as “You aren’t worthy enough of God’s love”, “You’re not good enough for Him”, “He doesn’t love you”, “No one will love you”, “You’re a mistake”, “God doesn’t want you and He doesn’t want a relationship with you”.

The good news is that none of Satan’s lies are true.  The good news is that God knows you more than anyone else and loves you more than anyone else ever could. Even though you have done some bad things in your life, He loves you unconditionally and wants a relationship with you and to help you through your life.

He will help you if you only call on Him and ask Him to be the Lord of your life. It takes time, courage and discipline, but if you ask Him for help and for Him to become the number one priority in your life, you will feel your life shift in many different ways. For example, you will feel peace, even in the midst of trials. Whenever you pray, you’ll feel peace as well.

When things don’t go your way or the way you wanted them to go, you can look at them as a learning experience and as a time to help yourself grow, whereas others might just sit there and complain about things not going their way.

When you don’t get the promotion or the position you really wanted to get, instead of continuing to complain about it, you look at it as God’s plan for your life and know that He has something better planned for your life. You come to realize that it doesn’t matter what people think of you because God is the only person that truly matters and you start to live your life as you are living for God every day, whether you are at work or around the house or out with your friends.

Come to know Jesus and be inspired and amazed at how different your life will become.

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