Battles we can ignore include the things we can’t change the people we can’t change into better people and stuff we shouldn’t allow anyone to make us feel like we are losing our minds. If something or someone makes you feel down or angry then you’re giving that person the power over you. You don’t deserve to wage that battle within yourself. Don’t give someone else the power over your own happiness. Don’t give someone the power to change your emotions on a dime.

Don’t put yourself in the middle of the drama that can be avoided by you all together. You can be there for anyone you want to be there for, without getting sucked into their dilemmas or their drama. If their drama becomes too much get away from them for a while or take a break from them in order for them to work through their issues. All you can do is avoid as much drama as you can. You can be there for others without getting involved in their drama.

Another battle you can ignore is when someone tries to bring you down into their pit of misery. You’re strong enough to stand up and tell them to not drag you down with them. When someone tells you how bad things are in their life, they probably only want your sympathy. You don’t always have to stand there and listen to others tell you just how bad they have it.

Rather, try helping them see the big picture and say a Bible verse or say something like, “have you considered how blessed you are and how good God is to you even in the midst of struggles?” It might help change their views about things in life. But even if it doesn’t, you know that you tried to help them in the best way you know how, by trying to offer them a new perspective.

Another battle we can ignore is when someone else is gossiping about someone else. We don’t need to get involved with gossip. Gossip is not fully true all the time so why get involved with something you don’t need to be involved in? Why burden yourself or ruin someone else’s reputation? Why ruin your own reputation and become known as a nosy person in the process? If you gossip about others all the time you won’t have many friends or people won’t want to tell you anything personal or anything at all because they will be afraid you will start rumors about them too. No one wants their reputation ruined by a gossip or a gossiper.  Once you start gossiping it can be hard to stop. So why start an unwanted battle? Try to avoid that at all costs so you don’t lose friends.

Still, another battle you can ignore is when someone wants to start trouble by starting an argument with you. The smartest thing you can do is pray for them and walk away from the argument calmly. When someone wants to get you going in anger, remember that you’re better off if you don’t shout back at them or talk in angry tones back at them. The best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut during the entire argument, listen as calmly as you can, and remind yourself that you don’t want to sink down to their level. If you end up shouting at them it not only makes you look as bad as they do, but the other reality is that it only gives you temporary (i.e., a few seconds of pleasure) and a place to let go of your anger.

If you go off on someone, the same way they are angry at you, people might not think too highly of you, or might even think you have an anger problem. You don’t want people casting judgment on you, just because of how you acted in the middle of an argument, so just do your best to stay calm and silent.

You can always try explaining your side of the argument in a calm tone, (even though at times it won’t be easy to stay calm). If they don’t take your seriously and accuse you of raising your voice when you aren’t raising your voice, then it is time to tell them that you’ll only talk to them when they are being civil, calm and acting like an actual grown up.It is better to act like an adult and resolve things calmly as much as possible, instead of acting like a little kid and throwing a hissy fit. You are better off when you stay calm too.

What other battles can you think to avoid? Go out and enjoy your life to the fullest with God on your side there is no battle you can’t get through.

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