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Is Jesus your savior or your teacher or do you consider Him to be something else to you? Jesus should be your Savior first and foremost.   But why do others just see Him as their religion and not their Savior? What other things or aspects do you see Him as? Some people think Jesus is just a bunch of lies. But none of what Jesus said or says to any of us is a lie. But of course, people may tend to see Him as a lie because they don’t understand Him or His love for them. They are often afraid of what they can’t see.  It takes a lot of courage and understanding that we are all sinners and that we all are broken and need to be saved. Who wouldn’t want to be saved? God sent Him to save the world.

Do you see Jesus only as the form of healing? Yes granted, He is the ultimate healer and a miracle worker and He even gave His disciples the power to heal diseases almost in the same way He did and through the power of the Holy Spirit, but being a healer isn’t the only thing Jesus can do. So many times, people only look to Jesus as the healer of all whenever their family members or friends or even they themselves get sick. Then they ask, beg and not to mention, plead for Jesus to bring healing to them or someone they love, even though they may not believe in Him nearly enough.

It takes more than just saying that you believe in Him. It takes full strength, courage, not to mention, willpower to believe in Him as your Savior and as the healer of all, not just some guru who can perform magical works. How often have we all gone through hard times of sickness or watching someone else get sick, and we grumble at God for making them sick instead of actually praying about the situation and asking Him for the healing that He will bring if it is His will? How many times we forget to add the whole, “if it is your will” part to the “let my family member or friend be healed”, part of our prayer too.

We have trouble believing in His power because we can’t fully see Him. But the reality is, when we see someone get healed that medicine didn’t heal or the doctors can’t explain, it is often seen as a miracle and many times people believe that it was or is God who healed their family member or their friends, not just because of their faith or their friends/family members faith, but rather, because it was in His plan for them and it was His ultimate will.

Do you see Jesus as a meal ticket and a way to get to Heaven? Do you think that “oh if I believe hard enough and if I do good works then Jesus will look at me and say something to the effect, “because you have done good works and good things in your life, I’ll let you into the kingdom of Heaven”? Or how about this one, “if I work really hard to become rich and have other people like me or work for me, then God will like me better”? Here is another example, “If God really loves me, how come He doesn’t give me exactly what I ask for?”

It isn’t and has never even been about the work we do, the riches or earthly possessions we might obtain or the friends we gain in this life, or our selfish ways, or judgment of others that pleases Jesus. Rather what He is most pleased about is when we fall on our knees or come to Him in any shape or form, of prayer, asking Him to be the Lord over our lives. He wants us to come to Him in holy surrender and to surrender our egos, our pride, our love for ourselves and our selfish thoughts. Have you ever considered the fact that He didn’t give you what you asked Him for in order to save you from further disappointment or heartache down the road in life? God doesn’t always give us everything we want in life, but He gives us exactly what we need in His timing.

It also isn’t about how much good we do for others in our lives. Whatever we do we should always try to do the things that please God and make Him smile.  We are all sinners but that is why God has come to save all of us from ourselves. Remember, Jesus is so much more than just a story out of the Bible and He is so much more than religion. He is our savior, protector, defender and the God of all of our days.

What other ways do you see people mistaking Jesus for someone other than our Savior?

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