Have you ever been so amazed by God’s wonders and sit in awe of how He made everything around you? What about waking up to a beautiful sunrise or the smell after it rains? The beauty of a rainbow. The beauty of the clouds as dusk falls over the horizon.  What about hearing the joyous laughter of children in your neighborhood? Being able to sing God’s praises wherever you may be, with someone beside you or within the quietness of your own heart.
What about feeling the warmth and peace of your bed after a long stressful day? Do you ever just smile and say to yourself “Wow. That’s God giving me the sense of peace and serenity”? Or how about the embrace of someone you love after a grueling day at work? God allows you to feel peace and calmness in their presence.   Have you ever felt the instant peace of being one with God as you walk along the beach, and feel the power of the waves? (when I’m on the beach, that is where I feel the most at one with and connected to God.)
Seeing the flowers start to bloom after a cold winter is often a sight that will bring joy to many people, too. So is the first snowfall when winter finally comes around again. Feeling the shift in the air as the seasons change every year is something to look forward to and smile about.  The changing of the leaves and making the world pop with more color is a sight to see as well. Remember all the times as kids where you would run and jump into a big pile of leaves, just for the fun of it?
Remember as a kid how you used to get so excited about it finally being Halloween and then Thanksgiving and finally being Christmas morning? Remember how excited you were to see the costumes at Halloween and the taste of the turkey in your mouth along with the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving? What about the joy you felt with having your friends and family around you during the holidays? The excitement that you felt when you started putting Christmas lights up and ornaments on the Christmas tree as a kid? Do you still feel that excitement? Those are all wonders given to us by God. We can experience all those joys within our hearts and any time and loom back at the holidays and the seasons with fond memories.
What about feeling the warmth of summer when it is supposed to be colder weather?  There is nothing like feeling the warmth of a breeze against your face when you expect it to be cold. Ever notice the beauty of the things and people around you at a moment’s notice when you’re on a walk? What about the feeling of wonder and awe as you read God’s word? Ever have those epiphany moments where you finally understand what a passage means? There isn’t quite anything like reading God’s word and coming to a full understanding of it.
God gave us animals for our enjoyment as well. We keep them as pets and take care of them and they take care of us.  They guard us and protect us and love us unconditionally. Animals love for us know no bounds. Kind of the same way God lives us and protects us unconditionally from harm.
There is something special about the way our dogs and cats react to us being around them. When we come home they are always so happy to see us. They enjoy our presence as much as we enjoy theirs. But if they’re ashamed of something they did, then they cower when they come to us. For they are afraid of what we will do to them after we figure out what they did. Much like we are afraid to come to God after we sin. We are afraid to come to Him about our sins because we think He will be angry at us. He isn’t merrily angry, but He is disappointed at us for sinning.
Imagine the wonder of God in the Garden of Eden. He made everything and everyone in His image. Every creature was formed because of Him and by His mighty hands. They were naked in front of each other and yet, they weren’t ashamed of it. Adam had been chosen to take care of all the animals along with his wife Eve. He had a lot of responsibility on his hands, but he must have enjoyed it. God literally walked along side Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but they weren’t afraid of Him. Imagine that, walking alongside God in paradise! That would surely be a sight to behold.
The wonder of God is visible through so many ways on Earth and not all of them can be explained in words. The wonder of God is something we feel in our hearts. We just know it comes from Him and it puts everything into perspective for us.
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