glasses of faith
How clear is your vision? I’m not just talking about vision and everything that you see with your eyes. While a ton of people wear glasses or have contacts in order to see better, how well do any of us actually see without those things to help us? They only help us when we use them properly. As said before I’m not only talking about how clear your vision might be with glasses or contacts, but how clear is your vision when you use what I like to call, the glasses of faith? What I mean by that is, we as Christians often forget that we can call on God at any time, at any place. We also often are blinded by the things of this world. The situations that we are faced with often blind us from seeing God and the wonders He has put in front of us. How often do you find yourself grumbling over the mundane aspects of your life, or because of tough times in your family, or many other circumstances? Your glasses of faith may not always be as clear as what you would like them to be. When that happens, you can readjust yourself to see a better picture. You may think, ‘man I screwed up. I can’t come to God or confess my sins to Him. He won’t accept me for who I am and who I’ve become. ‘ That is the lie that the Devil wants you to believe. He wants you to think that you are too far gone to even ask for God’s help. That is part of the way the Devil blinds our eyes and our hearts and even our minds from God’s truth. He wants us to continue to wallow in our own self-pity and misery so that we forget that we have the ultimate power through prayer and through our faith to change our circumstances and the way we look at our lives.
It is never too late to change your life for the better. You can change your life and make your faith in God stronger every day. Read the Bible every day, especially when you’re feeling down. I often find that reading the Bible when I feel upset calms my heart and changes my view on the circumstances I’m going through. You can also change your view of life by starting to think of a few things to be grateful for each day. Start out with one thing you’re grateful for every day of the week, and then before you know it you’ll be able to see a lot more things that you are blessed with and can be grateful for.
The glasses of our faith need to be adjusted every single day. Because every single day there are going to be frustrations. It all depends on how we react to them and how we see them. When troubles arise, often the first thing we do is become stressed out. But only after a while of viewing things in a negative way, does it normally dawn on us that there is a way out of every tough situation. We just have a bad habit of blinding ourselves from seeing the way because of the emotions we feel in those moments. We always have a choice as to how we react to our struggles.  We can easily decide to throw up our hands in defeat for that day, or we can throw our hands up in prayer or fold our hands in prayer, asking God to get us through the struggles to the other side.  It all depends on our attitude for each day too. We can wake up and choose to have a good day, or we can choose to be negative every day. Some days our vision will get clouded up because of the struggles, but we can continue to pray that God is working on our hearts and on our faith daily.   We can wake up with a prayer and go to bed with a prayer on our lips and in our hearts.
Lean on Him even when things are going well because then it’ll be even easier to automatically adjust your thinking and turn to Him when things are difficult. It is a daily struggle to remember to keep our eyes on God. He gives us our sight, so why not try to focus on Him more and more every day? If we keep our eyes on Him, He will guide us and keep us.  Our glasses of faith may need adjustment each day, but God will help us adjust to whatever happens in our lives. Enjoy looking at life through the lenses of faith. Everyone deserves a clear view of what faith can do in their lives.
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