jesus in the garden
Jesus wept is an interesting thing to read in the Bible. It catches so many people who read it, off guard. Wait, the King of Kings and the creator of the universe actually cried and had and still has the same emotions as I do? How is that even possible, I mean He is God isn’t He?
Have you ever heard someone say God doesn’t care about me? Too often that is the thought of many people who don’t have a personal relationship with Him. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. God cared and cares enough about all of us that He sent his son to die on the cross for all of us. Jesus cared enough about us to die for all of us on the cross. He willingly gave up himself for those He loved. In the Bible, it even tells us that Jesus wept for Mary and Martha on the loss of their brother Lazarus. Jesus was both true God and true man but He still felt all the emotions that you and I feel in our lives. He showed all the emotions such as anger, pain, sorrow and despair. When He found out that Lazarus died, He was moved to tears. Jesus wasn’t afraid to show the emotion He felt. Jesus knew that Lazarus was going to die and He literally could have told both Mary and Martha to snap out of it. He could have told them that He was and is God and to trust Him. He could have even told some jokes to lighten the mood. But He didn’t. He showed emotion with the sisters and wept with them and for them.  He was being appropriate, caring and loving, not to mention compassionate.
How awesome it is to know that God wants to mourn with us and help us through our troubles. How awesome it is to know that our God is a God of compassion, love, and a God who cares about us more than we could even fathom. If He didn’t care about us, none of us would even be here.
The same way He was deeply moved by Mary and Martha’s pain on the passing of Lazarus, He is moved each time we cry out to Him or just cry in general. He hears our cries and wants us to know how much He loves us. He longs to calm our hearts and our minds with His peace that surpasses our own understanding. We serve this amazing King and creator of the universe, the maker of heaven and earth. He longs to be close to us when we weep. He feels our emotions with us. To those who think God doesn’t care about you or that He doesn’t have time for you, or that He doesn’t love you, don’t believe that lie.  He does care about every single one of us and he cares about what is happening in each of our lives on a day to day basis and He knows what will happen before we do. We have to start trusting His plan for our lives.
I’m thankful for a savior who loves us enough to die for us. I’m thankful that He is just like us in showing emotions. He taught us many things including the fact that it is okay to show our emotions. We are allowed to feel the way we feel. I’m also thankful for the way He allows Himself to be known, and that He allows Himself to walk in our midst. If He didn’t love us He wouldn’t try and be this close to us in our suffering. He wouldn’t want to be among us the way He did when He walked among us on Earth in biblical times or even want to be among us as His Children now, if He didn’t care about us. I’m thankful to Him for His never-ending love, grace and mercy that He has shown us repeatedly when we least deserve it. Because of the example of Him walking with Mary and Martha in their time of suffering, He allows us opportunities to follow His example and to help others through their loss of loved ones and other challenging times as well.
Prayer: Father, thank you for being among us during our suffering. Thank you for making your presence known in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for letting us know and for teaching us that it’s okay to show our emotions.  Help us to learn to love as you do and help us to help others going through tough times. Help us be a light in their darkness and to encourage them through your words flowing through us. Help us to be beacons of light towards your mercy. Amen.
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