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Which would you rather choose? Unconditional love, or unconditional hate? You can choose to love or you can choose to hate. Love is so much more powerful than hate. Hatred is an emotion that can cause chaos, resentment towards people you love and it can be an ultimate set up to ruin your life if you aren’t careful. What gives people the desire to hate? It can be many varied factors such as family smothering you and not giving you enough space, losing a loved one to sickness or murder. The hate in your heart could even come from the unwillingness that you may have within your heart to not forgive someone who has hurt you. If you don’t let go of that anger and forgive the person, you will end up losing that person forever and that person will lose you as well. You don’t want to continue to carry around that weight of hatred and have that feeling knowing at your heart for the rest of your life, do you?
Hate can stem from the resentment that someone else may have against you. You may never be able to figure out why someone feels the way they do towards you. If someone really does end up hating you, be brave and ask them what you had done to offend them. If they refuse to give you a rational explanation, pray for them and move on with your life. It is important to move on from those people in your life that only give off negative vibes. If they continue to have those negative feelings about you, remember, that that is their problem, not yours. You are doing the right thing by getting away from them.
Hatred is also from Satan. He puts the feelings of anger and resentment and jealousy in our hearts, souls and minds in order to destroy us, ands to turn us away from God. He wants to get us to focus on how terrible things are in our lives and to start to hate everything about our lives.  His number one goal is to turn us away from God. He wants to see us miserable in every aspect of the word, because he himself is miserable, when we are happy with our relationship with God and in our faith walk with God. Satan wants our relationship with God to be severed, so we focus on negative things instead of how wonderful things are in our lives. Sometimes he gets under our skin and celebrates when we say we hate people or something in our life that is frustrating. He loves to see us in pain and suffering at any time of our lives, because then he thinks he has won. The good news is we don’t have to let him have the control. We can control how we feel, speak and act inwardly and outwardly towards others with God’s help.
But the great news is, that we have choices and free will to choose to give into the hate that Satan puts in front of us, or to turn and look at the awesome love God has given to us and shown all around us.
Love is the only way to go in life. Love is the emotion of all emotions. Think about it, love comes from God and God is love. He alone puts the love in our hearts and wants it to be unconditional. He loves us unconditionally, so we in turn should love our friends and family with that same unconditional love as well. He sent His son to die on the cross for us in the purest sense of love that we have ever seen. He even says in the Bible in John 15:13, “greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.”
Love is in each one of us. Love is the most raw and pure emotion that there is within our hearts, our minds and souls. It can drive us to our knees asking how we love certain people when they act the way they do towards us, but we know we can do it through the power of God working in our hearts and through our words and actions. If you are having a tough time loving someone, whether it is a friend or family member, ask God to help you love them in the way that only He can teach you. Ask Him to teach you to love others with the same unconditional love that He shows you every single day.
If God can save the entire world with His love, how can we not turn towards it and enjoy not to mention, love our lives? I don’t know about you, but love seems so much more calming, exciting and appealing than hate ever will. Why choose to hate when love is all we really need to survive in this life? With the love of God in our live and in our hearts, we can be the light in other people’s darkness. We can show people what unconditional love really means and how it can change the entire outlook of their lives. Love is so much more powerful than hate. That’s why Jesus offers His unconditional love for all of us, to show us how to live our lives with joy, for Him and with Him. Choose love instead of hate and amazing things will happen.