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Be true to yourself, stand up for what you believe in and above all, never compromise your morals. With the world being full of temptation, such as the lure of sex, new alcoholic drinks, the first time of drinking, having a relationship with someone, you always have to remember to stay true to yourself.
Stay true to who you are. Temptations are around every corner. With those temptations come hard choices. The choice between doing what is right and doing what is wrong. Doing something that is against your morals, can have disastrous consequences in the long run, even if it might seem like a good thing to give into the temptation in the moment.
As a kid how many of us told white lies about doing a chore to our moms when we really forgot to do it? How many of us told our parents we did our homework, when we didn’t? At one time or another we’ve all been tempted to lie to someone in our lives.
As an adult, the temptation in our world gets more severe. In a college environment, there are all too many temptations around. These temptations can include drinking before you are of legal age, trying drugs or steroids, lying about plagiarism, or cheating on a test.
Temptations can even include lying to your boss to avoid getting in trouble, framing someone else for something you did, to avoid the problem that you caused. Temptation can also include telling someone gossip around the office and then having it backfire on you in the long run.  But it’s our choice whether to give in to those feelings or stay on the right path.
We all have to remember that doing the wrong things can hurt others, as well as hurt our reputation and our future. It all depends on how we act in the face of temptation and react to each temptation. If we choose to give in to a lot of temptations, we are only putting ourselves at risk. However, if we choose to stand firm in the faith and walk away from each temptation, we have a calmer feeling in our hearts and in our lives.
 We have to choose to do the right thing in the face of temptation, even though it can be a very difficult choice to make. Making the right choice will always help you in the long run.
We are all tempted every day. As college students, every single one of us have been tempted many times over, with wanting to skip classes. Then the even bigger temptation may have hit you once you skipped one class. It became easier to continue missing other classes in order to have fun or just to relax.
We all can resist that temptation of wanting to skip work because we just don’t want to go into the office. College students can resist wanting to skip classes, just as we can also resist the feeling of wanting to play hooky from work. The reality of life is, that if we skip classes or work for one day, it’ll become all the more tempting to skip another day. We can also resist the temptation to talk bad about someone and gossip because, we don’t want someone talking bad about us. Resisting these and many other temptations can help us become wiser in the long run.
Temptation makes us believe that we have a right to do whatever we want, no matter what consequence may happen. It allows us to get completely lost in our own ego and suffer consequences — physically, emotionally and mentally.
Spiritual pain, such as the feeling of guilt, tends to wash over us after we make the wrong choice. That feeling of guilt comes from God. He has mind blowing ways of getting our attention. It could include Him talking to us as we are being tempted to make the wrong choice, or Him talking to us after we have already made a bad choice.
There has often been the discussion of ‘the good angel/bad angel’ on the right and left shoulder. When we are tempted, we may hear both God and the Holy Spirit, not to mention, Satan, telling us that the choice we might make could have really bad consequences.
On the other hand, there is Satan on the left side of our shoulders, making us feel like we can do anything we want to do, without even really worrying about the consequences. Satan has a horrible and unique way of masking our lives and our eyes to the pain that giving in to bad choices causes us. He not only makes the bad choices and the temptation seem more attractive than the choices of God’s kingdom.
Satan has a way of making us feel like we can try anything at least once without suffering the consequences for it. He can also blind us to the fact that the choices we make now, can affect our lives forever. They can also affect the lives of the people we love. The choices we make constantly affect the people around us, whether we realize it or not, right away.
Don’t give in to the temptations that you face in life. Stand firm and choose to do the right thing.
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