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February 2017 Archives

There are so many times when we’re watching TV and we see something with a sexual reference. There is often the question of whether Christians should watch shows such as Friends or Two and a Half Men, even though they […]

Going to church is something we’re all accustomed to. But some days it can be hard to go to the service because you’re tired, feeling unworthy to be in God’s presence. There are many instances where I haven’t wanted to […]

Loving your enemies can be a very hard concept to understand. How could God expect us to love those who hurt us, mock us, ridicule us, make fun of us and so many other things? It’s because Jesus gave His […]

The joy of salvation is an amazing thing to think about. How awesome it is to know that we are saved by the one true king, the King of Glory? How cool is it to know that He took our […]

I heard in a church sermon once that there’s a difference between good anger and bad anger. Good anger is feeling angry about someone who is doing wrong towards you or someone else. Bad anger is just being angry for […]

Many of us long for love, whether it’s the love of a parent, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife or just the love that comes with friendship. With any relationship, there should be love. Once a relationship starts, there should automatically be the […]

Worry is constant in our lives in many different aspects. It can cause many sleepless nights and can cause tension between us and people we love. Some of the things we may be worried about include finances, such as how […]

Letting go of fear is a hard aspect to grasp. If you struggle with your fears, you are not alone. Everyone struggles with fear at one time or another. Everyone struggles to find peace through their fears too.  I’ve struggled with […]

Some days we feel as though life is so overwhelming. We don’t know where to turn to or who turn to. When your life feels hectic or out of control, it can be very difficult to turn to God for […]

We need revival. The entire nation needs a renewal and revival. The only way that is going to happen is if we, as Christian’s start to exemplify the kingdom of God in all of our affairs. We should try to […]