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The New Nazi American Food Police Patrol will forcibly steal the fat American children from their homes (legally of course) until the parent/parents comply with brainwashing/retraining procedures!

Harvard Elites Want to Take Fat Kids From Their Parents

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The Journal of the American Medical Association is advocating states removing fat kids from their home. This is an incredibly dangerous proposition that would give the state near dictatorial powers over parents. Michelle Obama is running around the country demanding children eat what she considers healthy, her recent1,700 calorie lunch notwithstanding. Some schools are handing out scallions and radish slices as snacks because of Mrs. Obama’s meddling. The AMA is taking it one step further, advocating the government remove fat children from their homes.

A Harvard doctor argues the following:

Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital Boston, said the point isn’t to blame parents, but rather to act in children‘s best interest and get them help that for whatever reason their parents can’t provide.

State intervention “ideally will support not just the child but the whole family, with the goal of reuniting child and family as soon as possible. That may require instruction on parenting,” said Ludwig, who wrote the article with Lindsey Murtagh, a lawyer and a researcher at Harvard’s School of Public Health.

“Despite the discomfort posed by state intervention, it may sometimes be necessary to protect a child,” Murtagh said.

It used to be fat kids only had to worry about being bullied by other kids. Now the government is going to bully them -- legally, of course! If they can murder unborn babies, why can't they bully and kidnap children from their parents loving homes?

There are any number of problems with this sort of elitist attitude. First, the doctor presumes to know what is best for everyone, as though it’s any of his business. Apparently his education  entitles him to make declarations about our lives. Not only that, if you don’t think properly or if you don’t behave as the state sees fit, the good doctor wants you to be re-educated. So not only will your child be ripped from you but you’ll also have to be re-educated as well. Once you accent to the government position, then they may let you have your children back.

This issue has nothing to do with fat kids or the alleged obesity epidemic in this country. This is a matter of freedom to parent as parents see fit, free of government intrusion. It’s none of the state’s business what I serve my children for dinner. Unfortunately Mrs. Obama and various medical elitists believe it is their business and they’re willing to use the power of the state to coerce parents into serving what they want kids to eat. Don’t do as the nanny state wants and they’ll take your kids. Make no mistake, the government will make that abundantly clear to parents. You can bet they’ll be using the government schools to push this agenda.

There is only one way to protect your children from the state and ensure your freedom to serve your children what you want for dinner. Homeschooling is the only way to keep the prying eyes of the arrogant government out of your dining room. It’s seriously come to this in America, we have to worry about our kids weight because the government might step in and rip them away from us. How have we gotten to the point where we have lost this much freedom?

If we cannot serve what we want for dinner, we aren’t a free people. At the end of the day, this is what Mrs. Obama and the elites want. They want to dictate to us every aspect of our lives and use the power of the state to enforce their dictations. This is what the Obama’s believe in, they’ve not hidden this from view. We must fight back against this nonsense. I don’t care how fat kids are, it’s none of the government’s business. It is not their place to set weight restrictions on children and parents.

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