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The 2nd Presidential Debate: America may not be lost after all!

by Donna Calvin
October 16, 2012

I feel much more comfortable with a Romney/Ryan ticket every time I see and hear Governor Romney speak, not in planned speeches, but where he’s challenged.  He comes across with confidence and he succeeds in making me feel more confident that America still has a chance!

Tonight I gained even more confidence in Mr. Romney following tonight’s debate!

Congratulations Mitt!

In spite of Candy Crowley being the second Democrat debater, comrades in cahoots against Mitt Romney, he did a great job of exposing the failed policies of Hussein Obama.

I have every confidence in that a President Romney could prevail over America’s enemies, unlike the bowing apologist Hussein Obama presents at international disputes.

Governor Romney is a winner — and Hussein Obama is clearly a loser — because Hussein Obama simply lacks the foundation it takes to be a winning American. Obama is a socialist, Marxist leaning leftist, but America is a capitalist society.

Mitt Romney can get the job done and Hussein Obama will continue to pursue the same failed policies that have succeeded in continued high unemployment and all the maladies we face today, including getting anything done about illegal immigration, controlling China’s misdeeds in trade policies with the USA, relieving the middle class’ financial woes, the horrible increase in gasoline prices at the pumps, the national debt doubling as he continues to borrow from China and prints dollars like play money that will cause inflation to soar out of control while he and the Democrats throw it down the black hole of Democratic policies leaving our progeny to pay off his wild and absurd spending failures.

Presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and Hussein Obama square off, Tuesday October 16, 2012 at Hofstra University in blue state (Democratic majority of registered voters) Hemsted, NY.  The extreme left Commission on Presidential Debates picked the location and the moderator, Candy Crowley, who is widely known to dislike intensely all conservatives and Republicans, speaking out in many interviews and newscasts with “editorial comments” negatively reflecting upon Republicans.


One of tonight’s main declarations by Hussein Obama, that he insisted on repeating, was that Mr. Romney would cut funding to the baby killers at Planned Predators!  Now that, to us pro-lifers, is about the best news we could ever hear!

Hussein Obama has no clue where America stands on abortion. He believes we all want to murder babies like he and his feminists supporters do!  He is blinded by the darkness of evilness that lives in his inner spirit.

Just like in the first debate, where Hussein Obama declared that he was all for making a debacle of God’s holy institution of marriage, turning it into a mockery and where he showed his prideful accomplishment of ensuring the sodomization of the U.S. military proved who he really is.

Again, Hussein Obama is godless and clueless.  He proves that he does not know God, God’s Laws, God’s Word, the Holy Bible or God’s Agenda and that he is clearly diabolically opposed to it, as far away from obedience to God’s Righteousness as Satan is.

Just a couple of notes about the tangible characteristics of the debate:

* Like the first, the moderators both gave more time to Hussein Obama than Mitt Romney (see item below).

* But the worst thing, much worse than the time factor, was that Candy Crowley was just a little too obvious.  She made certain that Hussein Obama got the last word in almost every sparring round.  And we all know, the man with the last word is considered the winner.  She did her part to contribute to Hussein Obama’s narrow margin of victory tonight that the polls are reflecting.  She did what was expected of her as being a part of the Hussein Obama Reelection Team.

Those poor Dems, they just cannot ever stand fair and balanced.  They are in for the fix every time.

“Fact Checker” Candy Crowley ventured where moderators fear to tread. She proved she was more than a moderator. She told what she declared to be the “facts” contradicting Mr. Romney about what Hussein Obama said in the Rose Garden the day after the 9-11-2012 Consulate attack that resulted in Ambassador Stevens and 3 other murdered Americans in Libya. In fact, she was wrong too. Hussein Obama never said it was a terrorist attack, just that we wouldn’t put up with terrorists attacking, so Candy wasn’t so sweet or accurate after all. And here we thought she was just a moderator? Hummmmmm!!!



Item #1 of 2
Obama gets more time

By BYRON TAU | 10/16/12 10:47 PM EDT

Amid persistent complaints and interruptions from both candidates, President Obama ultimately got more than three extra minutes of speaking time than Mitt Romney during Tuesday’s debate.

(PHOTOS: The in-your-face debate |

According to CNN’s timekeeping, Obama got 44:04 minutes of speaking time, while Romney got 40:50.

Both candidates pressed the moderator Candy Crowley — sometimes aggressively — into allowing additional responses and back-and-forth exchanges.

Read More:


Item #2 of 2
Crowley defies contract, asks questions

By DYLAN BYERS | 10/16/12 9:29 PM EDT

As she promised she would, Candy Crowley is asking her own questions at tonight’s debate — despite a provision in the debate contract, signed by both campaigns, that she would “not ask any follow up questions.” Both campaigns voiced concern over her intention to ask follow-up questions after each candidate gave their initial two-minute response.

UPDATE: For the sake of clarification, as I have reported many times today, Crowley did not sign the debate contract, or “memorandum of understanding,” nor was she expected to. The candidates nevertheless expected her to honor the memorandum, which is why they included that provision.

Her first question, following a 20-year-old audience member’s question about his future employment prospects:

Let me ask you for more immediate answer and begin with Mr. Romney just quickly what — what can you do? We’re looking at a situation where 40 percent of the unemployed have been unemployed have been unemployed for six months or more. They don’t have the two years that Jeremy has.

What about those long term unemployed who need a job right now?

Read More:


Item#3 of 3

Debate: Obama Defends Funding Planned Parenthood Four Times
President Barack Obama proved during Tuesday night’s debate why the Planned Parenthood abortion business has called him their “champion” and has spent millions of dollars ensuring he is re-elected to another term.  Just minutes into the debate, Obama attacks Mitt Romney on the economy, claiming the only solutions Romney has for improving it involved cutting taxpayer funding for the abortion giant.

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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