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Watchwoman’s Editorial: Bloomberg (Item #1 of 2) is telling hospitals they can no longer give baby formula to newborns or their moms to take home. Voluntary for now, but if it goes like the trans-fat (french fries in restaurants it won’t be voluntary if you don’t do it voluntarily – it will become mandatory in due time). Based on the two articles below, here is what I am suspecting. Steve Birn writes how he and his wife were intimidated by progressives about breast feeding and natural child birth (Item #2 of 2). Now we know that Obama and ObamaTAXcare is all about reducing the population (and getting out of giving medical care to anybody but themselves and their fat-cat buddies). So if a woman is forced into breast feeding, that would discourage some women not to bear a child. X those women off the reproductive group = less population. Second, Birn and his wife were intimidated about having a child, giving birth to that baby in a hospital. So if women are eventually forced into giving birth at home, without the comfort and safety of a hospital, more mothers and infants are subject to possibly dying – so viola, there goes that group of women into not adding to the population. Thirdly, if a woman who is giving birth at home now, with no drugs to kill the pain, imagine how few women are going to actually be willing to give birth to a live full-term baby. Great news for the pro-death, anti-live-birth, pro-aborts can now offer you a better alternative – kill the baby before you have to suffer a long, arduous labor at home with no pain dulling drugs. Kill the unborn. It’s a win-win-win trifecta for the Planned Predator Witches of We-Hate-Live-Births-Cause-We-Hate-Anything-Made-in-the-Image-of-God! – And they have accomplished it all looking good and clean as a pure snow-white lily. Never, never forget what Jacques Cousteau said:

“One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”

Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier

Donna Calvin ▬ Friday, August 10, 2012


Item #1 of 2

Mommy Bloomberg


Editorial of The New York Sun | July 30, 2012


Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, Formerly a Democrat, then a Republican, now an Independent – Becomes the ultimate nanny dictator – Breast feed that baby or face what??????? The Inhuman Children’s Service Food Police?????  But if a woman murderers her baby inside her womb at Planned Parenthood, that’s OK, that’s private. Murdering the unborn is legal, but feeding formula is a new no-no! What business is that of his and what lies behind this insane interest in breast feeding???  Something is up and I don’t like the implications. This is just plain scary!

The latest from New York’s commissioner of mental hygiene is that maternity wards in New York are going to start locking up their baby formula so as to force new mothers to breast feed their children. This scheme, according to the report in the New York Post, will start in 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals September 3. It’s part of the so-called “Latch on NYC” initiative the mental hygiene commissioner sprung on the city in May. The idea seems to be that New Yorkers elected the mayor to station the commissioner, Dr. Thos. Farley, between each newborn and his mother to make sure she doesn’t use her own best judgment in making her choice of how to feed her baby. Of course, if her choice had been that she’d wanted to abort the baby, the mayor would have hustled Dr. Farley out of the way faster than you could say Margaret Sanger.

When leading clergymen — Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish — called a press conference a year and a half ago to raise an alarm that 41% of the pregnancies in New York that weren’t ended by miscarriages were ended by abortion, the mayor and the commissioner of mental hygiene were as quiet as a . . . well, tomb. But let some poor mother reach for the formula samples hospitals and manufacturers heretofore have made available, they go into a panic. So weird is the Latch on NYC program that, when it was announced in May, even the New York Times went after it. The Times issued a piece by Jennifer Zajfe called “Formula, for Disaster.” “Bottle-feeding versus breast-feeding is a personal choice, and the implication that distributing free formula samples promotes ‘laziness’ in new moms is ridiculous,” she wrote.

Formula for baby. NO! NO! NO! Not allowed. Right now it’s voluntary, but like the transfat issue with restaurants in NY not being allowed to fry in oil that contained transfat, it started out voluntary, but Bloomberg quickly changed it to mandatory using his power of Big Brother over the restaurants. How soon before breast feeding becomes mandatory? And WHY?????

Our purpose here is not to quibble one way or another with which is the healthier way to start a baby’s nutrition. We’re disinclined to think it’s any of the government’s business. But if it is the government’s business, how in the world do these rules get made? The health and mental hygiene department says that the whole scheme is voluntary. That’s what Dr. Farley’s equally radical predecessor said when he tried to get restaurants to cook French fries in a lower quality oil without trans fats. When the restaurants tried to stick with the higher quality oils containing trans fats — they made better fries — he turned around and used the force of law to ban trans fats. This is clearly what is going to happen to the hapless hospitals if too many mothers decide the best thing is to exercise their right under Latch on NYC to demand formula.

Our own view is that if the state is going to step into these kinds of intimate matters, New Yorkers deserve to have the rules made by the legislature, where they get a say in who makes the rules, can appear at hearings, and benefit from at least a degree of transparency. Not that either the City Council or the legislature in Albany has set any great standard. But what a situation the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has gotten itself into when its rule-making is seen as more high-handed, less transparent, more dictatorial — and more laughable — than anything Albany of the City Council has tried. Eventually, when the city is no longer overseen by a billionaire invested in the ideology of state control through public health, New Yorkers can hope for a chance at a return to reasonableness and leave the mothering to mothers.

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Item #2 of 2

Steve Birn Speaks…

Nanny Bloomberg Seeks Baby Formula Restrictions

July 30, 2012 16 Comments

If you’ve ever wanted to see progressives get outraged discuss child rearing with them. Yours truly had no idea progressives were so thin skinned about children until my wife and I had our first kid. That’s when we got bombarded by various progressives both inside and outside of the church. From radical evolutionist parenting called attachment parenting to natural child birth and breast feeding, if my wife and I were ever looking for a fight or to be insulted and ridiculed we needed to do nothing more than oppose progressive child rearing, announce our intention to formula feed or have my wife declare an intention to have her babies in a hospital, with drugs or, gasp, even have a c-section. The wrath of progressive parents was sure to be felt for merely voicing an opposing view and sadly we unwittingly lost friends in the church over it.

With that history in mind, it surprised me not to see that Nanny Bloomberg wants to regulate baby formula. Apparently New York’s most powerful nanny wants hospitals to hide baby formula and brow beat women into breast feeding. So much for women choosing things for themselves. The anti-formula crusaders are to be found all over the place in the crunchy world of progressive parenting. These people love to whip out their breasts in public in order to shock and appall normal people going about their daily business. There’s something about progressives that’s off, they always seem in desperate need to shock people.

Like with most things in life, what you choose to do with your kids is none of my business. If you want to breast feed or formula feed your baby, what’s it to me? If you want to have a natural child birth or if you want drugs or a c-section, again what’s it to me? That’s not how these progressives view things though. They view it as their duty to “educate” people who disagree with them and gain new converts, these people border on being a pushy religious sect. If I had a nickel for every time my wife was told about the evils of formula feeding (never prompted of course) or the evils of doctors and their c-sections we would be millionaires. They view disagreement as not only a personal attack but also an attack on the progressive agenda whereas non-progressives view disagreement as just disagreement.

At the end of the day though, how you parent your kids is your business. If you want to do crazy things with them like sleep with them, breast feed them until they’re 8 years old or allow a baby to dictate your every waking moment, that’s your business. If I choose to put my kids on a schedule, formula feed them or if my wife chooses to have a c-section, what business is that of yours? If only it were that simple. The progressives believe they know how to run my life better than I do and as such they view it their duty to confront me on everything they consider “bad” about my parenting choices. If I won’t listen, then they’re more than willing to lobby government to write a law.

The laws begin with Nanny Bloomberg outlawing baby formula. Next thing you know Obamacare won’t pay for C-sections. Next thing you know Child Protective Services will knock on the door of families who don’t sleep together in the same bed. We conservatives will scratch our head the entire time and wonder what’s going on. Our mistake is that we have no idea what the progressives are up, we have no idea how far their tentacles reach not just in government but in philosophy. We’ve written off progressives as being anti-child because they’re pro-abortion. In reality, they have a very clear agenda that extends to parenting. So far reaching is their agenda that it has infected what would otherwise be conservative churches.

Next time Nanny Bloomberg comes out with another absurd regulation or demand, keep in mind he’s following the progressive agenda to the letter. Nothing he does should surprise us, even when he wants to severely regulate baby formula. Anyone who is surprised by Bloomberg’s attacks on need only check out the agenda at Mothering Magazine and Gentle Christian Mothers. If these people want to do weird parenting things with their kids, that’s their business. But the problem is they want to not only confront the rest of us and attack our methods but they’re willing to demand government pass laws to further their agenda. Thus, Nanny Bloomberg is in lock step with the progressive mothers. We conservatives need to do a better job of understanding these people.


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Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, August 10, 2012
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