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Calvin’s Commentary: The Dept of Homeland Security fails to express how in school after school hundreds of children have been murdered and what is present in every classroom? Scissors! Now we all know that there is an over abundance of scissors in schools, one pair for every teacher and one pair for every student, so why then didn’t the teachers and students use them to whack down the murdering intruder? … Or, maybe, here’s what the DOH intends, students should use scissors to make cut outs of guns and aim them at the shooter mowing down their fellow students – because we all know how dangerous paper guns are – they can get and already have gotten students suspended for having a cutout of a gun in their pocket in a classroom!

Here’s 2 examples of news items proving what I just wrote – shown below. For more just search the Net for items like these:

Fifth-grader reprimanded for bringing paper ‘gun’ to school,
Boy suspended for paper gun: Cutout of long-barreled pistol …

and believe me, there’s many, many, many more! Donna Calvin ▬ Thursday, January 31, 2013

Source: The Blaze

If Americans were worried that those pushing gun control in Washington, and in the Obama administration, have unrealistic expectations about what is necessary for self defense, then a recently released video by the Department of Homeland Security seems unlikely to placate them.

The video, titled “Options for Consideration,” and released January 25th of this year, details what are meant to be acceptable responses to “active shooter situations” of the type seen at Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, and at the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Curiously, the video omits mention of the Aurora shooting, though it was filmed before Sandy Hook.

DHS’s recommended responses to such shootings, demonstrated in a generic office setting, include the obvious instructions to try to either evacuate the area, or hide someplace the shooter won’t think to look, while also warning innocent bystanders in such situations that it is necessary to follow the instructions of police officers and other law enforcement personnel who appear on the scene.

Photo Credit: Youtube

This much of the video is relatively non-controversial. However, there is one particular portion that may prompt derisive chuckles from self-defense advocates. The passage occurs at roughly 1:45 in the video, during which the narrator of the video suggests, “If you are caught out in the open, and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available.”

The image shown at this point is as follows:

Photo Credit: Youtube

This particular bit of advice has already attracted some attention. The New York Post reports the pushback:

Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, said he has a better option for consideration than a pair of scissors when confronting an armed mass murderer — a legal firearm.

“That’s why I prefer a gun, and I usually do carry a gun when it is lawful to do so,” said Feldman. “Clearly, you use whatever you can” to fight for your life, he said.

So if scissors are all you’ve got, grab them by all means.

The video is part of the Obama administration’s ongoing campaign to reduce firearm violence in the wake of the horrific mass murder last month of 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Conn., said a Homeland Security official.

Given that the video was apparently released to coincide with Obama administration proposals on gun control, the fact that it makes mention of self-defense at all is surprising. However, suggesting that self-defense with scissors and other improvised weapons might be a valid option while neglecting to mention the idea of carrying a firearm for preparedness arguably heightens the omission of the latter.

If you haven’t already, watch the video for yourself!

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