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Calvin’s Commentary: Please watch this all important, essential viewing movie – from this blog – free. You will not regret it! Every American needs to see this movie!

It’s not just another conspiracy theory, it is an exposè of the communist AGENDA of Grinding America Down and how they are doing it! You’ll see many of the people you have come to know and respect in the movie Agenda including: Ronald Reagan, Hon. Howard Phillips, Cliff Kincaid, Congressman Steve King, Janet Folger Porter, Dr. David Nobel, Wendy Wright (CWA), Brannon Howse, Phyllis Schlafy, and many more.

You will understand why America is being taken over by the Communists in the name of social justice and what YOU can do to halt this takeover! BUT!!! Time is growing short.

The movie is called AGENDA because it is more than a Conspiracy. A conspiracy is done in private. This Agenda is being done openly and is advancing at an alarming rate.

It connects the dots, tying together the elements of the communist|social justice, how they have taken over the Democratic Party, the reason it is essential to ensure the destruction of morality to the level of abject poverty in America, how they have captured the environmentalist movement, how Bill Ayres fits in, how Obama’s father fits in, how the Communist Party USA has merged with the Democrat party, and why Hollywood and the entertainment industry has been taken over and how.

You’ll become knowledgeable of how the American public school system is stealing your children’s hearts and minds through brainwashing and why it is being done. You’ll see how effective the National Education Association has become in stealing the next generation and why we are going further and further left regardless of who, Republican or Democrat, sits in the White House.

From the earliest ideas of how the Agenda was constructed, see how the Fabian movement still figures into today’s crumbling society. Understand how Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was developed and is being implemented into today’s American culture.

Learn how the feminist movement is a convenient way to destroy our families and our moral structure.

Understand why the homosexual agenda is a communist-backed plan that must prevail and dominate to destroy the teachings of Christianity and the Bible.

Learn why socialists must destroy America’s moral system, collapsing it completely and what the Agenda is doing in your own home to accomplish that disintegration.

Agenda, Grinding America Down, explains why even if we had dozens of Ronald Reagan’s in office the Agenda would continue to advance – and why it has progressively been moving forward with a shadow of death regardless of who is/was in office and is now blatantly and openly continuing with alarming speed.

You’ll understand why the average American citizen is buying into the Agenda feeling they are doing the right thing.

Is it too late? No. Is there hope? Yes.

BUT – It’s getting very close to the point of no return.

To win, you should understand what you can do. We can still win! We can still overcome this evilness, and in watching Agenda, you will learn what you can do. Every Christian soul must wake up and begin to take part. Learn how!

We can stop this if you understand where it came from, why it is being done, what the Agenda hopes to finally succeed in doing by grinding America down.

Karl Marx said, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

The question is, “Do you want God in charge of man or do you want man to act like a god and control you and your life and everything in and around it?”

God is good. God is love. But absolute power in the hands of men creates unimaginable suffering.

More people have been slaughtered in the 20th and 21st centuries than in all other past times.

Where the Agenda takes America lays in your hands!

Please watch…Agenda, Grinding America Down!

Then go to: and order copies for your church and your friends.

Donna Calvin ▬ Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Thursday, November 01, 2012
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