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Leno: ‘We Wasted Four Years Waiting For Obama To Do Something About The Economy’

By Noel Sheppard | September 28, 2012


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Nighttime comedians taking pot shots at Obama are highly unusual including any coming from Leno. Normally his monologue sounds like the faxed talking points directly sent from the DNC headquarters, with touch ups from the White House spin doctors painting Obama even more so as the neo-messiah, while Leno’s crafty comedy writers add a few funny lines to the “we adore Obama” monologue spewing from Leno’s mouth. After all, they have to punch it up, first, to get people to tune in and, secondly, to cover up to keep the viewing audience ignorant of the brainwashing they’re getting nightly. Question this? Think not? Polling of TV viewers have revealed that they depend on Leno as their source of news. That’s the intelligence level of today’s TV brain-dead liberals! My take on it – even Leno is sick of Obama-crash-the-economy-policies that have ruined his own personal income. Leno recently took a large cut in salary from the multimillions he made so that many of his staff wouldn’t get laid off. NBC is suffering from losses of revenue. Little wonder when every thing new on TV includes sodomites galore! Who wants to watch two queer men kissing? Queers do! That’s 1-2% of the population. Who wants to hear Republicans and conservatives bashed 99% of the time while liberals, communists and Democrats are glorified? Liberals that’s who, that’s about 24% of the population. Leno and all of TV-La-La-Liberal-Land better wake up and smell reality. Their bigoted, pro-Obama, anti-Christian, anti-moral, liberal queer agenda isn’t making it.  – Think about it, 40 seconds with a couple anti-Obama words when for months and months Leno, Letterman, et. al., have trashed Romney ad nauseam! – Donna Calvin

Jay Leno took some surprising shots at President Obama Thursday night.


During the opening monologue of NBC’s Tonight Show, the host said Americans wasted four years for the current White House resident to do something about the economy

“I love how the politicians capitalize on this kind of thing,” teased Leno. “Like the minute the replacement refs were fired, President Obama said, ‘See, sometimes losing jobs can be a good thing. It’s a good thing.'”

When the laughter subsided, Leno continued, “A new survey out today shows how much time we waste every day in our lives. For example, we waste seven minutes in line every time we go to get coffee, 28 minutes getting through airport security, four years waiting for Obama to do something about the economy. Every year, we waste a lot. We wasted a lot of time.

What do you think Obama’s chances of being elected would be if the press, Hollywood, TV, Jay Leno, Letterman, The View, and all the media really presented the truth about Obama? He sodomized the US military, is endorsed by the Communist Party USA, took $716 billion from Senior’s medicare, is endorsed by Iran, is forcing the Catholic organizations to pay for abortions that their doctrine forbids, is forcing taxpayers to pay for child-killing of the unborn as well — and way over 50% of Americans do not want to pay for abortions with taxpayer dollars, and who is buddy-buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood who have endorsed him and they just slaughtered Ambassador Stevens and Marines in the US Embassy, is doing nothing about the crucifixion of Christians in Egypt, is desecrating traditional Biblical marriage by appointing more sodomites to high positions in the US government where they can work to get sodomite marriage made the law of the land, to name just a few of his anti-USA, anti-moral, anti-Christian, anti-Israel actions! – Donna Calvin

Yes we did. It’s about time media members began telling the nation that.

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, September 28, 2012
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