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Documentary filmmaker Eric Allen Bell (who had worked for the liberal Michael Moore) had his eyes opened while making a documentary in support of Muslims and the Tennessee Mega Mosque.


Source: Patriot Action Network – We are the Tea Party


Video Source: Fox News

Fantastic News… this film maker gets it and will be sharing what he has learned!!



Some comments left by others who viewed this video:


Comment by Carlos 1 hour ago
Everybody should read the koran. The real koran, not the sanitized one given out to infidels at the local mosque. It’s available, on line. It’s an easy read. Short,too!
The Bible, pretty much teaches Christians, to be better Christians.
The Torah, pretty much teaches Jews, to be better Jews.
Budda, pretty much taught everyone, to be better humans….period.
The vast majority of the koran teaches muslims how to treat non-muslims. Judge them, tax them, enslave them, kill them…… Yeah! Sounds like the religion of peace, alright. Thomas Jefferson, had the right idea…”to the shores of Tripoli”.
Comment by Carlos 1 hour ago
Islam is no more a religion than scientolgy. Both cooked by one man, in one lifetime. No historical support. No 3rd party testimony. Just the ramblings of a disenfranchised narcissist, at best. The only reason islam gets any traction, at all, is because close to 80% of the muslim world is functionally illiterate. Of the remaining 20% a large portion have pretty much abandoned it all together.
Comment by Dave 1 hour ago
Has anybody that posts on hear ever heard of a Buddhist killing anyone for refusing to convert to Buddhism? Has anybody that posts on hear ever heard of terrorist activity carried out by any practicing Hindu? Does anybody that posts on hear know any Christians that threaten peoples lives if they refuse a invite to church? or promise to ether enslave or kill someone that does not want to except Jesus Christ as their lord? I have read the Koran and I speak the truth when I say that the teachings of the Koran do all the above. Are people so blind and stuck on stupid that they think it is just OK an kool to allow such a religion within our borders. Every time I see a bumper sticker that says,, COEXIST it makes me sick to my stomach because most people that believe that simply have been deceived by the spiritual trickery that Satan has perfected over many years. I hope to God that when he, (GOD) is done with the big slap across the face of reality to America THE WAKE UP will stick this time.                  

Comment by David 2 hours ago
I think you are wrong.  The church of Satan is the worse church.  Members include all those that lie, cheat, and do crimes either in their own state or crimes against humanity.  I wonder if you can guess who belongs to the church of Satan.  Remember, the church attracks liers. 
Comment by Clint Manuel 2 hours ago
I’m glad he made the distinction between “Muslim” and the religio-political-economic-social-militaristic CULT-ure of Islam.
Comment by 1 Abram 3 hours ago
It’s good to see those who do have a brain in their head,along with the ability to speak the truth.


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Posted by Donna CalvinFriday, July 06, 2012


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