Watchwoman on the Wall

Debt Matters

Thank you, Conservative Byte!


WATCHWOMAN… You think the stupid Americans who continue to vote for the communist party (a.k.a. The Democrat Party) could figure it out! Too stupid? Too brainwashed? Too enmeshed with anti-American, anti-Capitalist, socialist, communist teachers from K-12 and professors in universities? Too much Hollyweird brainwashing? Too many drugs that have fried out their brains and turned them to commie pink-o-mush? Too much listening to Leno, SNL, Conan and Letterman for the news? What do you think has dumbed down Americans into such stupidity that they can’t figure out that spending is not the way to get out of debt or get wealthy?  For the few who attend Church what have their Pastors and Sunday School teachers been teaching them?  Obviously not much!  When will Americans ever learn the truth about economics without brave and righteous teachers equipped to teach them what the Founding Fathers knew and practiced?  Without the Wisdom of God being taught from the Holy Bible and the Wisdom of God (the mind of Christ) being embedded into every American from birth, America is doomed!!!  God says that He will curse a nation that murders it’s children and practices sodomy?  Do you think just possibly that America is cursed and God is giving us idiots for teachers and leaders?  Think about it!  And idiots to vote them in!  Leave comments, please.  ▬ Donna Calvin