Pictures and Brief Bio’s of The Players in the Zimmerman Case Added


Now that George Zimmerman is behind bars facing murder charges for shooting Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. on Feb. 26, there are questions about just how strong a case prosecutors have against him.

(CBS News) – By Mark Strassmann

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, State Attorney in Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit Court
Mark M. O'Mara, Zimmerman's Attorney, is a Sole Practitioner since 1985. He has been practicing Criminal and Family Law in Central Florida for 28 years, and is presently Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist and a Marital and Family Law Specialist. Mark is a former felony prosecutor and Division Chief and has handled all types of criminal cases, including traffic, property crimes, DUI, drug cases and Death Penalty cases. He has extensive trial experience in both state and federal criminal defense. Mark also represents clients in contested divorce cases, involving child time sharing issues, alimony and division of assets. Mark is also involved in many Bar activities, including serving as President of the Seminole County Bar Association and serving on both Circuit and Federal Grievance Committees. He currently serves as the legal analyst for Central Florida's WKMG Channel 6.

Special prosecutor Angela Corey’s affidavit outlines her case, saying, Zimmerman “profiled” Martin as a suspicious person, and became the aggressor when he “disregarded the police dispatcher” on this call.

Corey said, “If (the) ‘Stand Your Ground’ (law) becomes an issue, we will fight it.”

But many criminal trial lawyers in Orlando see nothing in the special prosecutor’s affidavit that would convict Zimmerman.

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law allows even the original aggressor in a fight to use deadly force – if that person becomes reasonably afraid of being killed or seriously hurt.

Trial Lawyer Richard Hornsby Has Never Lost a "Stand Your Ground" Trial

Trial lawyer Richard Hornsby has litigated 15 “Stand Your Ground” cases – none of them homicides – and won them all.

Hornsby told CBS News he thinks Corey’s affidavit is more significant for what it leaves out than for what it includes.

“The moment George Zimmerman fired that shot is the key question in this entire case,” Hornsby said. “Did he reasonably believe he had to fire that shot to defend himself? And the fact (Corey) completely left that out, begs the question, does she not have any evidence to refute his version of the events?”

A hearing next Friday will determine whether Zimmerman should be freed on bond.

Jean Casarez Born on April 20, 1960 in Mexico City, Mexico, is a truTV (formerly Court TV) correspondent of live daytime trial coverage, reporting on courtroom trials across the country. Casarez has covered such cases as the Coral Eugene Watts trial, the Kobe Bryant rape case, and Scott Peterson sentencing hearings. Casarez is also an anchor for Court TV's hourly Newsbreak.
May Have to Step Aside

Judge Jessica Recksiedler might have to step aside from George Zimmerman’s murder case. Her husband works in the same law firm as a CNN legal analyst. Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lawyer, will decide next week whether he sees that as a conflict.

(Jean Casarez, an attorney and correspondent for “In Session” on Tru-TV, discussed the case on CBS This Morning: Saturday.” Watch her analysis in the video at  





Zimmerman attorney may ask judge to drop case

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Pictures and Brief Bio’s of The Players in the Zimmerman Case that have been added to the news story came from many sources including their own websites, their own Facebook accounts, and Wikipedia.




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