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OneOf Maxine’s very best!!


We need
To show more sympathy
For these people.
*They travel miles in the

They risk their lives crossing a

They don’t get paid enough

They do jobs that others won’t do
Are afraid to do.


Live in crowded
Among a people who
Speak a different
* They
Rarely see their families,
And they
Face adversity all day ~ every


I’m not
Talking about illegal Mexicans


I’m talking
About our troops!

It seem strange that so

Many are
Willing to lavish all kinds
Of social
Benefits on illegals,
But don’t support our
Wouldn’t it
Be great if we took
$360,000,000,000 (that’s billion)
We spend on
Illegals every
Year, and spend it on our

Pass this on; this is
Worth the
Short time it takes!

Veteran is someone who,
At one point
In their life,
Wrote a blank check
Made payable
‘The United
States of America ’
For any
Amount, up to
And including their

Live simply,
Expect little, give much, trust


Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, April 27, 2012


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