Watchwoman: Note the word   . . .   “UNFORTUNATE”   . . .   which is the media’s choice to be one of the prime words in their headline …  “An Unfortunate T-Shirt Hits Florida Streets In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Killing” (↓↓↓see headline below↓↓↓).  Now, I hope to use this article to demonstrate how the media manipulates the news.  Maybe you’ll agree that “unfortunate” is a rather mild term for what are clearly racist remarks.  The media intentionally chooses to headline this article to minimize a hideous example of racism.  Only this racism being displayed on the T-Shirts that sport the words: “Pussy Ass Cracker” is not being spread by bigoted whites, but by bigoted blacks.  Hummm, let’s explore this for a second or two.  What word do you think the anti-white, anti-Christian, bigoted communist mainstream media might choose if this “unfortunate” situation had the colors of the participants reversed?  Hummm???  What do you think revalshapton, revjesseejackson, revlouisfarrakan would bellow out in protests if a white group began selling and sporting T-shirts with racist slurs on them if a black neighborhood night watchman shot a white boy, with the black nightwatchman claiming it was self defense.  In all these cases where national attention is drawn out to illuminate a racial incident, I strongly urge you to think the opposite scenario every time you hear the words racist, hate, etc. (reverse the race of white to black and black to white) when you hear the intentionally organized elongated protests nationally from the revalshapton’s, revjesseejackson’s, revlouisfarrakan’s and all the race baiting leaders of the Democrat aligned groups of community organizers.  Look beyond the unfortunate incident into the motivation behind the protests.  Without race baiting and protests continuing ad nauseum, who’d send them money every month?  If there were no racism all the revalshapton’s, revjesseejackson’s, revlouisfarrakan’s and all the race baiting leaders of the Democrat aligned groups of community organizers would find themselves out of a job, no organization left, with no donations coming in daily from devotees.  They have to keep up the hate mongering to live the lavish life styles they’ve become accustomed to.  Without race being an issue, they have no cause to rail on their soap boxes.  The anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, anti-white, anti-Christian, bigoted communist social justice proclaiming mainstream media eagerly provide their soap boxes and act as their co-conspirators because they are of the same political mindset — a group of Democrat bigots.  It’s about politics and as Obama’s buddy, Rahm Emanuel taught: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  ▬  Donna Calvin

(Keep tuned to this Watchwoman on the Wall blog – there’s more coming about Mrs. Martin’s exploitation of her son’s name and what other honest and fairer black leaders are saying about how this entire “unfortunate” incident is being scandalized and used by white-bashing race baiters for their own political and financial gains.) 

POINT #1Explanation: Why I don’t always capitalize a name who uses the term Rev. preceding it.  Reverend is only used once in the entire Bible and that Title of Reverence is to be reserved ONLY for GOD,THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND NO OTHER. – Anyone who takes the name of the LORD in vain has enough self-proclaimed reverence for their own ego and I refuse to offer one iota more by capitalizing their names.  May be you have never heard this? Check it out in your King James Bible — [Psalms 111:9]  He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.  It means HIS NAME!  Not sharpton’s, not jackson’s, not farrakan’s — and not even the man that preaches from the pulpit of possibly your own church.  Taking the title that is reserved for ONLY GOD’S NAME is not a good idea.  [Exodus 20:7 & Deuteronomy 5:11]  Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.  [King James Version]
POINT #2 – You might not be agreeing that it is the Dem’s who perpetuate the instruction … “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”
Proof positive…Just click the center big arrow ↓↓↓ below↓↓ ↓ right here to watch Obama’s buddy, Democrat Rahm Emanuel say it: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

An Unfortunate T-Shirt Hits Florida Streets In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Killing


Expanding the definition of “cracker,” a t-shirt featuring the photo of the man who shot Trayvon Martin is now available for purchase.

As seen at right (click to enlarge), the shirt has a picture of George Zimmerman and the words “Pussy Ass Cracker.” Zimmerman, a 28-year-old Hispanic, killed Martin, 17, last month while acting as a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida.

The shirt’s “pussy ass cracker” line is apparently a reference to lyrics from the rapper Plies’s song “100 Years,” which bemoans stiff sentences handed out by racist judges …. Read more:




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  1. What the media never tells you about crime!
  2. BREAKING! Zimmerman charged with second degree murder
  3. “I am the real George Zimmerman…”
  4. Man tells police group yelled ‘Trayvon,’ then beat him
  5. Political Cartoon – Zimmerman and NBC
  6. Mainstream Media: Selective Editing, Rushing Judgment, Stoking Anger, Fake Photos, Incendiary Stumbles
  7. Political Cartoon: Hoodies
  8. Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush’s Chicago District (Bobby, former Black Panther wears hoodie in US House)
  9. Hotzone Oxycodone: Crime Stats of Area Where Zimmerman encountered Trayvon (Sanford, FL & Twin Lakes)
  10. Coincidence? Obama camp peddles 2012 ‘Hoodies’ (Cleveland Councilman sports hoodie at Cleveland Meeting)
  11. Dems Throw Hispanic Vote Up for Grabs – Bringing Trayvon Martin’s parents to Capitol Hill
  12. Trayvon Martin – 3 Time Loser at School (Daily Mail Reporter)
  13. Spike Lee Retweets George Zimmerman’s Home Address
  14. Zimmerman & Family Get Death Threats, Moved to Undisclosed location
  15. Eye for Eye! Black Panther offer $10,000 Bounty for Zimmerman
  16. Police Report: Zimmerman’s Account (Corroborated by witnesses)
  17. Trayvon’s Mother Seeks to Trademark Her Son’s Name
  18. Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton, Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Treyvon Martin, says C.L. Bryant
  19. ‘Cracker’ T-shirt hits Florida streets – You never want a serious crisis to go to waste!
  20. Witness Says Trayvon Martin Attacked George Zimmerman



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Read more:



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