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Watchwoman: I should have put this item under HUM☺R because it’s a joke!  I found the following article in this morning’s newspaper and had to share it with you.  Anything you ever wanted to know about eating, carbs, calories, fat grams and what to eat and not to eat, you can find on-line for free and not spend $50 an hour to learn it.  No computer?  Not a problem, go to the library and get 500+ books on the topic there!  Moreover, if education got you skinny, then I’d be a toothpick, because, believe me when I tell you, I know as much about this topic as any dietician — and I still struggle with my weight and eating every day of my life!  Education won’t get anyone thin. Eating less is the only solution and telling someone to eat less will not make a hill of fat beans difference!  This is a total waste of our tax dollars and will only take more needed tax dollars from the already over-taxed Medicaid program.  In 20 years they are going to find out they have spent billions and there are still the same percentage of fat people as ever.  Mark this down in your calender and look at my prediction on August 27, 2021.  Look at LBJ’s War on Poverty – there are more poor people today than when he signed the bill.  Government is not the solution.  Education is not the solution.  And if they took time in school to stop putting condoms on cucumbers and bananas and teaching about sodomy and sodomites and spent that time teaching about carbs and calories, it wouldn’t cost anyone anything, would it?  Idiots and dummies in government can always find ways to spend your money — it’s called socialism — communism — otherwise known as “redistribution of wealth” — only it’s always YOUR wealth they are redistributing!  Meanwhile they convince you they have the solution to a problem so they take their first dibs on YOUR wealth, and add it to their wealth!  It works in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  Just take a little bit out of every pot and guess who ends up with all the money!  The “house”!  If you want to know the nutritional value of any food item you can think of, including the fat grams, carbohydrate count, calorie count, how much sodium (salt) and how many vitamins and minerals, just click on the following hyperlink.  It is a searchable database and after a few minutes you can be an expert too.  This is a comprehensive web site  and the best place I have ever found for counting whatever nutrient you want to count, fat, carbs, calories.  Check it out! 

I’ve copied and pasted the page below that will open, but this is only half the story.  Wait till you see all the nutrients you’ll have displayed before your eyes when you search for a specific food!  It’s utterly amazing!  And please, don’t let the words “Carbohydrate Counter” discourage you.  That’s only one part of the nutrients listed.  Believe it or not, a carbohydrate and a calorie is considered a nutrient — although for some of us, it is more like an enemy!  Tee hee. ▬  Donna Calvin

Carbohydrate Counter

Detailed nutritional facts of over 6,000 food items in our optimized database (from USDA). Additional functions are provided to help low-carb dietrs:  

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Lake General Health District battles obesity

Published: Saturday, August 27, 2011

By Michael C. Butz

The Lake County General Health District is preparing to roll out a new program aimed at curbing obesity.

The program, “Healthy Lifestyles,” was devised following the Health District’s 2011 county survey in which adult and childhood obesity were identified as two of the top four concerns of county residents.

The Health District hopes to have the program up and running by Oct. 1, Deputy Health Commissioner Ron Graham said.

“There is a need for this. There are numerous health risks associated with childhood obesity, like diabetes, hypertension and depression,” he said. “We need to address this as early and as effectively as we can in young children.”

The bulk of the funding to pay for the program is coming from Medicaid administrative claiming funds that are recovered by the Health District in a volunteer program offered by the Ohio Department of Health, Graham said.

To cover the remaining costs, a usage fee of $50 per hour was established and a sliding scale fee schedule was adopted.

Based on that sliding scale, a family of three with a gross annual income of: $18,530 or less will pay 0 percent; $25,479 to $32,427 will pay 40 percent; and $46,325 or more will pay 100 percent, Graham said.

The program will involve two staff members who will either be newly hired or redirected from within the Health District. They will be a registered and licensed dietician as well as an associated health educator who will work directly with the families to provide dietary counselling and assist them with finding resources in their community to promote physical activity, Graham said.

For example, staff may work with Lake County YMCA to see if families qualify for discounted memberships or with Lake Metroparks to identify programs that might benefit children, he said.

The dietician is slated to earn $20.31 per hour while the health educator is scheduled to earn $19.24 per hour, he said. Other costs for the program will surround instructional materials.

None of the funds for the program will be used to pay an executive director or supervisor, said Graham, adding that the Health District is seeking additional grants in hopes of eventually expanding the program.

“We’re seeking funding from the Lake-Geauga Foundation to support an obesity treatment system in Lake County,” Graham said. “We want to make it affordable to all populations, from low-income to working class. We want this to be a service delivered to all walks of life.”

Graham emphasized the program has already received a good deal of support throughout the county.

“This initiative is well-supported by many of our coalitions, advisory groups and task forces and has been created in partnership with community agencies as well as the Board of Health,” he said.

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