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Jesus, Mary and … Josephine? It’s lesbian Nativity at church
The Bible’s account of the night Jesus was born is noted for some well-known characters at the Bethlehem manger, including the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and some shepherds following the instructions of an angel. The famous wise men were not present, as they showed up later when Jesus was a young child in a house. And as far as the New Testament indicates, there weren’t any lesbians there either. Now a Christian church in America’s heartland St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa … is helping redefine the story, as its most-recent living Nativity scene in December featured two women instead of a man and a women starring as Joseph and Mary.
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From their web site :  In addition to fulfilling other commitments of our mission, the congregation of St. Timothys United Methodist Church will:

  1. Incorporate into our programs and policies – to the degree allowed by United Methodist discipline–inclusive language and practices that affirm our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.
  2. Make clear to the community at large that we welcome all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, as loved and loving members of our congregation.
  3. Educate ourselves about the lives and issues of gay and lesbian persons.
  4. Support the same guaranteed civil protections for homosexuals as for heterosexuals.
  5. Educate ourselves about our own gifts of loving sexuality.

3220 Terrace Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Phone (319) 266-0464


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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — When Mark Rowe-Barth got married last summer, he scheduled the ceremony outside his church.  Rowe-Barth, 33, is a United Methodist. He also is gay.  Rowe-Barth said that although his pastor at the time supported his relationship, the minister’s hands were tied. The United Methodist Church, like many denominations, considers homosexuality to be incompatible with Christian teachings, according to church law.  So Rowe-Barth and his fiancé wed at a local Episcopal church. His pastor attended and assisted as a friend of the couple but did not officiate the service.
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