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By Donna Calvin

Yesterday I posted a piece I wrote about “American Idol”, that centered about the TV program, but shouldn’t have, actually.  What I really want to give you a WATCHWOMAN’S HEADS UP about is “American Idolatry”.  “American Idolatry” is running rampant in America today and has been for longer than I can honestly say I’ve eye-to-eye, face-to-face witnessed history.

Rudolph Valentino

For example, long before you or I were born Rudolph Valentino was an American Idol in the 1920’s.  That persona was created by Hollyweird media moguls who figured out how to market a human being.  Now on the corner of a street near the cheap section of downtown Cleveland, that would be called prostitution.  Well, it worked for Valentino’s handlers and it’s still working today.  A “hooker” by any name still sells the same.  The Hollyweird media moguls are getting richer and richer day by day by marketing good-looking people with a flair that appeals to Kool-Aid drinkers.

BTW, want to hear little sidebar – the name of the street that the hookers cruised was called Prospect Street in Cleveland.  Now ain’t that an odd coincidence?  Wha’cha think?  I’m thinkin’ that even pimps have a wry sense of humor, aye?  Or do ya think that’s why they picked that street to display their wares?  I don’t know, but my mind just wonders, you know???

Clara Bow, It-girl

Hollyweird media moguls didn’t only use men to appeal to women to get them tramping to the movies.  They created the “It girl,” long before anyone reading this was born.  Clara Bow was the “It girl” of 1927.  Not only men ogled her, women wanted to emulate whatever “it” was in the Bow.  According to the definition for “it girl” in Wikipedia, an “It girl” or “It-girl” is an attractive young woman who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to personal achievements.  Can anyone say, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” as in the overly sexy, sultry, exposing cleavage to an amazing plunge, Marilyn

President Kennedy Thanking Marilyn Monroe

Monroe a.k.a sweet, little’ol Norma Jean – from the shy little girl next door to Hollyweird’s newest sex bomb that made men’s imaginations go far into the abyss of brain porn that took lusting in their hearts to a new low.  Today, that term applies to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and scores of others like them.  Other than appear in public making a fool of themselves high on booze and drugs, what has the lot of them done to achieve the intense media coverage they get?  Fifty to sixty years ago, we could have said the same thing about the Gabor sisters, three air-heads wearing diamonds.

Well, let’s nail down a definition for Hollyweird media mogul.  A slight variation on Wikipedia’s entry, adding the word “Hollyweird”, a Hollyweird media mogul is a person who controls, either through personal ownership or a dominant position, any media enterprise like Hollyweird.  (Thank you, Wikipedia for an apt description.)

Now that I’ve highlighted some of Hollyweird’s early idols, let’s move on to the crooners’ industry.  There was Frank Sinatra, then Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Michael the-child-molester Jackson, and today every season a new one comes off the presses of the manufactured TV show, “American Idol.”

Then there’s sports!  OMG, when LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for warmer weather into the Miami Heat, I got so sick of hearing his name I wrote a local sports newscaster that the next time I heard him say “LeBron James’ ” I was going to puke on my TV screen!  He put my letter on his news program!  Yup!  He did!  I mean the heart of Clevelanders burst and people drinking potable Kool-Aid in the pubs of Cleveland were ready to cry tears of real red blood in the streets and jump out of the Terminal Tower on Public Square – giving a very sick meaning to the word “terminal”!

How Jackie became Jackie O. He had enough money, he didn't need looks.

But it’s not only sports that have their idols.  Who can forget “Jackie-O, JFK and Camelot?”  Well, those of you who weren’t born then maybe don’t remember, but every woman in America had to have a pill-box hat – and then it was huge sunglasses, just like Jackie O’s (even after she hooked up with the richest, but the ugliest man in the world, Aristotle Onassis).  Hence the added “O” to Jackie.

Grace Kelly (1967)

We have experienced two Royal Weddings in my lifetime, covered ad nauseum, if you don’t count Hollyweird’s offering, Princess Grace Kelly.  Of course, Diana’s coverage was not harshly interrupted by the taking down of a world-widely known #1 mass murderer on the FBI’s most wanted list of terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, by a team of Navy Seals.  (Hoorah for the Navy!  Now they are real heroes and are worthy of news coverage, but hopefully we’ll never know their names.  They are the unsung heroes who count.)

BTW, Bin Laden in Muslim countries is an idol, you know.  Maybe not, after all, you and I don’t read “Al-Jazeera Newspaper”.

Well, I’ve covered a vast array of idols.  Every generation and industry has had them and still do including the criminal industry:  Think Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Jesse James, Rodney King (still

Bill Ayres lecturing at a Florida University

getting convicted of crimes), Che Guevara, Mao.  What you don’t think Che Guevara and Mao belong to this group?  Oh, yes they do!  They are the criminal idols of the Karl Marx Klan of educrats; Bill Ayers, the little wife-not-at-home Mrs. Bernadine Dorn, and Communist Party Candidate and Black Panther, Angela Davis, all home-grown terrorists, now spoke of as just red-komrads for fun, teaching your kids at a cost to you of $40K a year while they steal your kids hearts, brainwashing their drug-dulled minds, filling their emptied head with commie mush propaganda turning them into hate-America – and the Kool-Aid drinking hip generation of parents continue to pay the college tuition with buckets of bucks like hovering saps!  (Yeah, I know it’s a run-on sentence – I think in run-on.  Get used to it.)

Yesterday I covered a little of what God has to say about having an idol.

Tomorrow, I’m going to continue with what God has to say about idolatry in the church and highlight some of those “Heavenlyweird stars” occupying American pulpits.  (Hint: God has a lot to say!)  Relax, I didn’t misspeak, I meant it, “Heavenlyweird” just like I meant “Hollyweird.”


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