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Why We Should Be Involved In Our Canaan Project Yesterday’s entry gave persuasive reasons why our congregation has no business being as deeply involved in the missions work we call our Canaan Project as we are. We’ve sent some very dear friends into an astonishingly dangerous and violent place. We’ve spent huge sums of money […]

In the 1990’s, the church with which I serve embarked on a journey, with the goal of reaching a previously unreached people group with the gospel of Jesus. The planning and preparing took a little more than 10 years, but we planted one of our families in a place where the gospel is not openly […]

What follows is my side of a conversation I’ve been having with a friend, concerning the recently passed North Carolina marriage amendment. You’ll see some of his questions and points, and my answers to them. I’m hoping that putting it here will save me a lot of typing in further discussions with others.  I’d love […]

The title of this post  refers to an exceedingly odd way of thinking from some folks who should know better. I’ve found an increasing number of preacher friends and acquaintances who refuse to use any commentaries, study guides, or study books in their sermon and lesson preparation. Their position is that all we need do […]