>How fantastically arrogant do you have to be to think that the world is eagerly waiting to hear what you think? And yet, dozens or hundreds of new blogs, I would guess, start up every day. So why should you bother with this one?

I don’t know that you should. You’ve got a lot going on, plenty to keep you busy, no time to waste. Just walk on by, move along; nothing to see here, folks.

I’m hoping this blog will help me toward a goal I constantly seek and continually fall short of — deeper involvement with the word of God, more than using it as a study tool for sermon- and lesson-making. I reckon if I know that I’m committed to writing something cogent or thoughtful about what I’m reading and learning, maybe I’ll be more consistent with it.

So I’ll use this as a place to work out on “paper” the thoughts, impressions, convictions and questions from my (hopefully) daily scripture reading/meditation times. Kind of a public journaling, in a not-quite-as-revealing way.

Anybody else wants to look in on it occasionally, you’re welcome in. Leave a comment if you care to; argue a point; clear up an apparent lack of understanding; just say “Hi”. It’ll be good to have you along.

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