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A couple of weeks ago, a memorial Mass for Michael was held here in Birmingham at the Cathedral. The bishop presided and offered a very nice, even charming homily in which he first focused on the Scripture readings of the […]

Why am I the only person I know..or even “know” in the Internet sense of “knowing”  – who didn’t hate it? I didn’t love it, either. There was a lot wrong with it. Weak characterization. Miscasting. Anvil-wielding mentally ill prophets. […]

No, I’m not going to ask you about your Lenten reading lists…although I might. Not today, though. This post is about giving books to others. For Lent, and a long time after that.

How about….because I’m lame and hate thinking up titles to things? No? Okay…how about…St. Benedict?

I don’t know about you, but one of effects of childbirth on me was a compulsion to spill the details. All of them. The whole thing was fascinating to me, so of course I assumed everyone else should be fascinated […]

Many thanks for the kind comments so far. I am a little shaky on my feet here, which surprises me. I am not sure why. I am conscious of trying to strike the right balance. And, in other news that […]

I’m changing blogging gears. Patience please, people. Life changes, right? Here you go – visit early and often, and bring your smart, insightful and sensible comments along…please!

Well, here we go again. Again. I should probably give a prize to those who have been reading my blogs since 2001 – you certainly deserve it. Yes, that’s “blogs.” In Between Naps, Open Book, Charlotte Was Both and now, […]

…apparently not. March 1 in Birmingham… Yes, it snowed here last night and well into this morning. Was it predicted? I have no idea- I’d spent Thursday and Friday watching rain storms coming and arriving, and then slacked off the […]