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Coming, according to news reports on 7/7. I’m not in a position to blog or have comments at the moment – y’all would be posting and posting, but nothing would appear ’til night, so I don’t want to waste your time!  – but you know where to go for most of what you need – here, and here and other places. Catholic World News has an article and much commentary at New Liturgical Movement.

Sorry, but that’s all I’ve got – for the moment!

Oh, and this is good stuff.

On the other Motu Proprio  – if you go to this thread at Papa Ratzinger Forum and scroll about halfway down, there’s a post with summaries and excerpts of the Italian papers’ coverage. A taste, from Il Giornale:

The document (the change under John Paul II, which this reversed) passed almost in secret, but it raised a lot of criticism. The author of the text was the canonist Pompedda, who died a few months ago. The document that he wrote for John Paul also increased the role of the Deputy Secretary of State and the pontifical ceremonial master in the Conclave proceedings.

The cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the CDF, was not too pleased either. The document had been written and published without his office being notified. [Most unusual!]

During the consistory in 2001, many cardinals raised the question and requested for a change. Above all, the German-speaking cardinals (with Ratzinger among them) and some Latin Americans. But they were told by the Pope and his secretary of state that they could not change something after only 5 years.

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