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A reader wrote in and recommended I highlight a recent blog post from the always excellent Aimee Milburn of Historical Christianity. Well, Here it is – a post in which Aimee gives good, practical suggestions for developing spiritual discernment and […]

Just a couple of notes recently received from kind readers who took the time to email and let me know that they appreciated books mentioned here: At the beginning of the year I prayed for the gift of silence.  The […]

…to the post following this one. A subject that comes up in the Catholic blogosphere a lot runs sort of like this: A. The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the one, true Church of Jesus Christ. B. The Roman […]

AT First Things, Jordan Hylden sums up the most recent developments: Not all conservatives have reached the point of giving up. But there is no way to escape from the conclusion that it will not be long before they will […]

The San Francisco Chronicle is running a three-part series on the closure of St. Brigid parish downtown, a process that was initiated more than a decade ago, and fought by parishioners who questioned the Archdiocese’s reasoning for closing their parish. […]