The word is going out and around and about – a move to write to Pope Benedict and communicate your views on the rumored liturgical developments. Tough, since they are rumored, but rumors that have taken a solid shape since 10 French bishops publicly indicated it was coming – by disagreeing with whatever it is. So…the message that’s going around is asking for people to write in support of such a move, but of course…you can write whatever you like.

The Pope’s regular mailing address is:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

00120 Via del Pellegrino

Citta del Vaticano

The Pope’s email address (for English correspondence) is:

Just as important, if not more – the Papal prayer intentions for November, with which he invites us all to join:

General: That, everywhere in the world, an end be put to all forms of terrorism.

Missionary: That through the effort of believers, together with living forces of society, the new and old chains which prevent the development of the African Continent may be broken.

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