Trick or treaters started arriving at our place before ours were ready to depart. Michael the Baby was very confused as to why Mommy and Daddy kept giving these strange children candy but ignored him as he raced up to them with his pumpkin. What sense does that make?

Trick or Treat!

Eventually he got the message that he would get candy at other people’s houses. Which led to a litany of "go people’s houses! go people’s houses! Trickertweat!"

Michael the Daddy took them out, I stayed behind and Katie…well, Katie had play practice – time to grow up anyway, don’t you think? Although – those college boys who came by did have good costumes. Brunhilde was particularly fetching.


We spare no expense and effort with costumes, clearly.

A little happier:


I don’t think I ever related the story of the birthday party Joseph went to a month ago.  The knight costume reminded me. It was just a street over – which was nice to be able to actually walk to a birthday party instead of making a journey across town to the Mouse Pizza House.

The party theme was Knights. The family had rented a blow-up jumping contraption that was shaped like a castle, and had knight and princess costumes for all the attendees – to take home. No, it’s not the one Joseph is wearing here – it had a  tunic and also included were a shield, a sword, and a  a fake chain-mail headpiece as well. The girls got dresses and crowns. Michael scoffed at me when I said that if I’d been one of those little girls I’d have probably wanted the knight stuff – but it’s true! As echoed by Katie and her friend whom I was taking somewhere later in the day – they both said they would much rather have had knight gear! – the Tamora Pierce effect? (for them – don’t know what would have inspired me.)

So…nice people. To give you know…costumes to 20+ little kids…

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