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So the reader who passed on this link to a podcast – part of a new podcasting venture from the Catholic Information Center in DC. jokingly entitled his email.

It’s called the "K Street Podcast" and the program he draws our attention to is a talk from the Executive Secretary of ICEL. The reader says:

I wanted to make you aware of a recent podcast of a talk by Msgr. Bruce Harbert, Executive Secretary for ICEL, in which he discusses the new missal translation. Lots of interesting tidbits and a very meaty discussion of the use of the word "through" in the Mass and how it can inform (or misinform) our understanding of the Trinity — specifically the relationship between God the Son and God the Father. It really is good stuff and avoids the typical polemics. (And then there is the Q&A when a woman complains about "when we eat this bread and drink this cup" b/c she thinks it diminishes transubstantiation and the monsignor basically says you’ll have to take that up with St. Paul.)

I’ll listen later tonight…you first!

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