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An American Life League update on the situation posted at Catholic Exchange – :

When the South Dakota abortion ban was passed, Planned Parenthood instantly realized that a legal challenge of the law could actually result in the reversal of the Roe decision, and shut down its $100 million-dollar-a-year abortion empire. That’s why, instead of challenging the abortion ban in court, Planned Parenthood decided on a more radical — and risky — approach: Forcing the law to a vote by the people of South Dakota.

The abortion chain flew workers into South Dakota from around the country to gather signatures on a petition to delay implementation of the law, and to force the issue onto a referendum ballot. Despite widespread claims of petition fraud and an ongoing investigation, abortion activists gathered enough signatures to put the law on the ballot for South Dakota voters to decide on November 7.

The Diocese of Sioux Falls is running strong against the referendum. Here’s their public policy division’s website.

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