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From a reader:

XXXX saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose and are worried about waking up at 3 AM frequently since seeing the movie – that’s the time when the devil begins tormenting Emily. I didn’t see the movie and I can’t think of any particular significance to 3 AM, but I pointed out that the Bible has no 3 AM because there were no clocks back then. Perhaps the middle of the night was considered the most dangerous and vulnerable time of night? Would you or any of your knowledgable readers know?

"XXX are curious about whether there is any biblical/factual significance to the 3 a.m. time when satan began tormenting the girl in the emma rose exorcism movie. (they wonder if they should attach any significance to the fact that they’ve been waking up at that time fairly frequently since seeing the movie.) have you heard of any such thing? signed. freaked out in memphis."