Via Media

Onto my request, trying to find books for my 5 year
old boy to grow and reinforce his faith.  We read from
a children’s Bible (the 365 days of readings one,
starting 2nd year repeats), but have been through
amazon, googling your site etc. trying to find book(s)
that through action/adventure/etc. captivate his mind
to learn about his faith.

Saw your books (Saints, Heroes), but the
categorization for these appears to be for older kids
– figured you’d know better than anyone. 

Would be more than happy to buy through your site, or
clickthrough to Amazon as a minor recompense for your
time… however, I bet many readers might be
interested in the question, as it relates to many hot
topics (raising children in the faith, masculine role
models, etc.)

Appreciate in advance any guideance you could provide.