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Well, De-Coding Da Vinci is starting to appear on online booksellers. Here’s where we stand:

Barnes and Noble


Now, you know that Amazon has this interesting feature where you can recommend books “instead of” or “in addition” to the book listed. You might find it interesting that the page for the novel, The Da Vinci Code, gives readers such an opportunity.

Later: Heh.

Now. Will I be selling the book? I guess. I’ll go ahead and get it as soon as it’s available, which should be the end of March. I won’t take pre-orders, because that will undoubtedly confuse me and I will mess them up. But come the end of March, be ready – and while you’re at it, go and shop around for good Easter, First Communion, Confirmation, and New Catholic gifts. I have a bunch o’ books on hand from my sales efforts this week, and just got a big box o’ bubble cushioned mailers from an Office Max that’s going out of business, so I’m ready to rumble.

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