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Back before the Passion opened you had a post wondering if parishes were ready for it. I think the gist was something along the lines of “if this really starts people thinking about their faith will our churches
be ready”. It hadn’t opened yet, I hadn’t seen it, and so I wasn’t even sure what you were getting at.

I think this would be a good time to “run” that post again. The answer at my parish is “less than nothing”. Our pastor put a condescending “warning” in the bulletin admonishing us not to take out any emotional feelings on the Muslim community (what a vote of confidence in his parishioners!) and that was it. Yet, just about all of my friends in the parish have seen it and are eager to talk about it. One person said to
me that she now feels that “there is just about nothing going on in this parish that has anything to do with what Christ’s sacrifice is about.”

Start your own discussion group!!! Use the Catholic Exchange Passion book or something as a base. Don’t let the parish staff control the conversation.

(And are you sure you meant Muslim community?)

And what about the rest of you? How are your parishess responding?

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