Although we usually practice Zazen sitting quietly, facing a wall …

… we can practice Zazen anywhere. It is not limited by time or place. Nor is it simply a matter of sitting cross legged, standing, reclining, floating in a pond or falling through the air.

For anything, anywhere, anytime is Zazen if perceived as such.

Thus I recommend to everyone Jundo’s Patented “Insta-Zazen” © throughout each day. You don’t evenhave to “sit” for these “sittings”. “Insta-Zazen” ©can be of any length, starting from but a moment until infinite time(which may be the same!). We “Insta-Zazen” © at times in our day whenjust a bit of “Zen Mind”© will change our perspective on all things,when a touch of balance will bring life into balance …

Just standing in a creeping postal line, in the dentist’s chair,when the car won’t start on a cold morning, when driving and stuck intraffic, when the computer crashes, waiting for the crossing light to change, the toast to toast, wherever and whenever … just dowhat you do in Zazen, with the Lotus Position fully optional (it tendsto get in the way while driving or having a root canal, although itmight work in the postal line if you keep pushing along.).

This is actually not such a radical departure from “traditional”practice. Life in a Zen monastery, for example, is filled withcountless opportunities to bring the “Way of Non-Seeking” tasted on thecushion into daily activities … what’s the difference between the”Dokusan” line and the postal line? Even monks need to wash the windows and do the laundry (folding and sorting socks is an excellent time for a bit of “Folding Kinhin“. Each place is a place forPractice. In fact, if what we do on the cushion stays on the cushion,what’s the point??

So, please try Jundo’s Patented “Insta-Zazen Sittings” © throughout yourday. In fact, for a limited time only, three (3) “Insta-Zazens” © cansubsitute for one (1) traditional sitting (if sitting a minimum of (one) 1 or moretraditional sittings each day. ).

Today I sit a bit on the train, between stations. There is no talk today, no opening or closing bells, not even sound. No special lesson. Just a guy sitting Zazen on the train …

(remember: there are no beginning or ending bells today;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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