The Buddha, when really very sick and unable to sit in the Lotus Posture, “sat” like this …

reclining buddha.jpg

The subject came up today in our Forum …

What about sitting with chronic pain? What if you just cannot get into the Lotus Posture, the Burmese, or even sit on a chair?
Does that mean that Zazen is not for you?

Absolutely Zazen is for you!
Tonight’s “sit-a-long” will be Zazen flat on my back … and is dedicated to all people who need to sit Zazen with chronic pain. Truly, while the Lotus Position and such is best for those who can manage it (and folks … really try to manage it, and give it time) … True Zazen is sitting, standing, falling through the air, walking or … reclining.

(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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